Chrissy Teigen Will Have a Cooking Show—Here’s Where to Watch It

Chrissy Teigen and David Chang will be Hulu's first original food stars!

You can already find some solid cooking and food content on Netflix and Amazon Prime. But now Hulu is about to step up in a big way, thanks to best-selling Cravings author Chrissy Teigen and Ugly Delicious host David Chang.

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Here’s What to Expect

In David’s words, fans can expect “a whole network of food shows” on Hulu Kitchen—which will contain the streaming service’s first original food programs. The James Beard award-winning chef shared more about the exciting announcement on Instagram:

What Kind of Shows Will There Be?

For now, we’ve been teased with the titles of two different shows:

  • Family Style: A cooking and talk show hosted by Chang and Teigen.
  • Eater’s Guide to the World: A docuseries about the most delicious and interesting cuisines from around the world, based on knowledge from Vox’s food website, Eater.

Hulu shared that additional programs will be hosted by a diverse cast, which includes famous chefs and home cooks alike.

When Can I Watch?

Unfortunately there’s no release date for the shows yet, but you can binge-watch food shows on Netflix while you wait. Or, whip up a pot of Chrissy’s chicken pot pie soup. You won’t be disappointed!

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