You Can Buy Pre-Chopped Candy for Baking, and It’s All We’ve Been Waiting For

This changes EVERYTHING about baking.

It’s easy to buy chopped nuts at the grocery store, sure. But that convenience rarely extends to branded candy. Thus, bakers everywhere have had to resort to a variety of methods to get those perfect tiny chunks.

I’ve spent FAR too long whacking Reese’s Pieces with my rolling pin.

Now, you can spend more time baking and less time smashing. Because pre-chopped candy is a real thing you can buy!

Who Discovered This?!

Tami Dunn, an Instagram food blogger and YouTuber, was the first to spot ’em. She found these brightly colored bags at Gordon Food Service and immediately posted a photo. Tami found bags of chopped Reese’s, M&M’s, Butterfinger, Crunch, Heath and Oreo.

The size of each bag seems to be a bit different, with the Reese’s bag weighing in at 5 pounds while the Butterfinger bag weighs 3 pounds. But we’re definitely not complaining. Just reach into the bag and grab a handful!

There’s no limit to what can be done with the contents of each bag. We’d recommend adding them to cookie dough, like in this recipe for butterscotch toffee cookies.  Of course, you can also use them on ice cream or in milkshakes—and if you’re a shake fan, check out the milkshakes we’re drooling over.

Where Can I Buy Them?

Of course, every baker wants to stop chopping and figure out where these time-saving treats can be found. The ones in the gallery above were found at a Gordon Food Service, although we hear some of these varieties can also be found at Walmart. They’re foodservice-sized, so we’re seeing the prices range from $25-$75 a bag.

Nonetheless, time is money, so these definitely are worth looking for.

Fold Your Chopped Candy into THESE Cookies!
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