We Baked a Chocolate Chip-Sugar Cookie Hybrid—and It’s Pure Genius

It's a wonder we haven't been baking these all our lives!

I don’t know about you, but I could talk about my favorite kinds of treats all day. During quarantine, I must have baked dozens upon dozens of baked goods. That includes multiple batches of chocolate chip cookies! It was always a struggle trying to decide what I wanted to bake each particular day, so I often tried my own creations, like these Santa’s Trash cookies.

Well, now we’ve got a new kind of cookie for your sweet tooth to enjoy this holiday season. It’s a mix between chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies, ’cause you know…why should we have to choose?

How to Bake the Chocolate Chip-Sugar Cookie Hybrid

It’s pretty simple, so there’s no need to take out your notebook for this one. First, you’ll want to start with homemade chocolate chip cookie dough. Roll the dough into balls, and place them on a cookie sheet. Then, take a package of Pillsbury’s Halloween ready-to-bake sugar cookies and gently press an individual piece of sugar cookie dough into the middle of each chocolate chip dough ball.

Then, follow the baking instructions on the back of the package, and…voila! You’ve just made one of life’s finer creations.

These Cookies Are So Good, It’s Scary

Halloween Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookie HybridTMB Studio

How have we not been making these masterpieces all our lives? Not only are they delicious, but they make for the perfect Halloween party dessert. Also, they’re totally adorable. Duh! Little pumpkins and ghosties in the middle of delicious chocolate chip cookies? I don’t think 24 cookies is going to be enough for me this season.

Even better, you can take these Buddy the Elf sugar cookies or Christmas tree sugar cookies and make Christmas versions, too. We love the versatility!

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