Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers Will Make Your Yard Look Dark and Decadent

This chocolate cherry sunflower looks good enough to eat.

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Succulents have become so popular because they add pops of greenery to a space without all of the hard work of maintaining them. Yes, we love these desert beauties, but now we’re ready for bright flowers, too.

Some may opt for a fresh flower subscription or arranging a bouquet at home. Nothing beats growing your own flowers from seed, though, especially when those flowers turn heads. That’s definitely the case with chocolate cherry sunflowers, which will make you look at sunflowers in a whole new light.

What Is a Chocolate Cherry Sunflower?

Everyone knows what sunflowers look like. They’re iconic with their yellow petals and dark brown center. Now, chocolate cherry sunflowers, on the other hand, look exactly how they sound. They are a gorgeous shade of deep, dark burgundy that have an even darker center. Some lean more black while others fade into a rich brown shade.

The seeds can be planted in the spring or summer ½” deep. Keep in mind this is a branching variety of sunflower, so if you pinch then you’ll have a short plant with flowering branches. Otherwise, they will grow to 8 feet tall with an 8-inch flower head. Beautiful!

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Where Can I Buy Sunflower Seeds?

Seeds are available from sources like Burpee, one of our best places to buy plants and seeds online. You can also find the seeds on Etsy, carried by multiple sellers, including TomorrowSeeds. The best part of growing flowers from seeds is that it’s so economical. Most online retailers are selling chocolate cherry sunflower seeds for less than $5. Now, get growing! Find out if you can eat sunflower seed shells.

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