Chips Ahoy Is Releasing THREE All-New Flavors for 2020

Chips Ahoy is ringing in the New Year with new flavors!

Chocolate chip cookies are about as classic as a cookie can get. Sometimes even the classics are due for a makeover, though. For the new year, Chips Ahoy is bucking tradition in a most delicious way.

It was leaked on Instagram that the beloved cookie brand will be introducing THREE new flavors in 2020. That’s right, triple the fun!

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Can You Guess the New Flavors?

According to @candyhunting, two of the three limited edition flavors might be tasty but aren’t exactly radical: Reese’s Pieces and Hershey’s. The Reese’s Pieces will be the minis for small bites of peanut butter and chocolate, while the Hershey’s version will embed chunks of milk chocolate for a more powerful chocolate hit than mere chips.

But the third flavor is a true wild card: Sour Patch Kids. Yes, you read that right. Will fruity, chewy, mouth-puckering candy play well with Chips Ahoy? We’ll have to wait and see.

Based on photos, it doesn’t look like Sour Patch Kids were baked right into a Chips Ahoy cookie. Instead, it appears that the cookie is studded with bright green, orange and blue chips that are likely sweet and sour.

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When Can We Try Them?

Hold your horses! Since limited editions can be here one day and gone another, we know you’re anxious to get your hands on these new Chips Ahoy flavors. There is no official release date yet, though, so the best course of action in tracking down these new goodies is to keep tabs on major retailers like Walmart and Target.

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