Chi-Chi’s Foldable Tortillas Let You Make Quesadillas Like a Taco Bell Pro

You'll be assembling homemade Crunchwraps in no time.

On the surface, quesadillas don’t seem that complicated. You just add beans, cheese and other fillings to a flour tortilla, wrap it and crisp it up. Right?

Not so fast—if you’ve ever watched the assembly line at Chipotle you know there is an art to the fill and wrap. Fortunately, Chi-Chi’s is here to help streamline your meal prep with flour tortillas that fold into perfect squares. It’s like magic!

What Is This Foldable Tortilla?

These new tortillas are called Foldables and they’ll make sense once you see them. Instead of a neat circle, Foldables come in a four-leaf clover shape. You put your filling in the middle and then fold in all four of the “leaves.” Almost by magic, you end up with a tortilla folded into a perfect square!

No more rips and tears, no more toppings falling out the ends. You’ll have a tidy hand-held meal that looks like a Taco Bell Crunchwrap.

We’ve reinvented the tortilla! Why? Because we can!
Check out new CHI-CHI’S FOLDABLES Tortillas right here:

Posted by Chi-Chi’s on Friday, July 20, 2018

From stuffed burritos to crunchy tacos, make your favorite Taco Bell order with the Chi-Chi’s foldable tortillas and our Taco Bell copycat recipes. Bonus: The guac is never extra when you’re cooking at home.

Of course, you can use Foldables for pretty much anything. Swap them for your usual bread and make wraps instead of sandwiches. You can even make pocket s’mores!

Where Can I Buy Foldable Tortillas?

Chi-Chi’s Foldables come in bags of eight, which should be enough for the whole family. You can buy them at national retailers like Walmart and ShopRite or you can practice social distancing by having them delivered via Instacart.

Chi-Chi's Foldable Tortilla Recipes
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