Cheesecake Factory Is Releasing a Brand-New Basque Cheesecake This July

This new Cheesecake Factory flavor is like nothing you've ever tried before.

Itching to take a trip abroad? Look no further—the Cheesecake Factory is looking to international desserts for its latest creation, and we couldn’t be more excited. The restaurant with a famously large menu brings their A-game when it comes to cheesecakes, so we always keep them on our radar.

Of all the new Cheesecake Factory flavors, we might be the most excited about this one: Basque Cheesecake.

What Is Basque Cheesecake?

Cheesecake Factory’s menu description says: “Super Creamy Cheesecake with a Delicious and Uniquely “Burnt” Top, Covered with Fresh Berries.” While it might look and sound simple, there’s more to it than that. The dessert was born in San Sebastian, a city in Spain, over 30 years ago and took off in popularity recently, and for good reason. The crustless cheesecake comes with a caramelized burnt top and a super creamy, custard-like center, making it a treat that simply can’t be beat. Add the berries and whipped cream and you can bet you’ll be getting this dessert more than once!

We’re definitely going to be paying a visit to the Cheesecake Factory to get a bite of this masterpiece on National Cheesecake Day, July 30th. That’s when the flavor debuts in restaurants.

Curious about making your own? Here’s how to make Basque cheesecake at home.

It’s a Great Dessert for a Great Cause

If the amazing description of the Basque Cheesecake didn’t already immediately grab you, maybe the cause behind it will. Cheesecake Factory says that on July 30th, it will be donating $1 to Feeding America for every slice of cheesecake sold, no matter what flavor. After that, Cheesecake Factory plans to donate 25 cents for every slice of Basque Cheesecake sold from July 31st, 2022 to July 29th, 2023—so you might want to drop in a few times during the year.

Don’t forget to grab a slice later this month! This is what you need to know about Cheesecake Factory’s cheesecakes.

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