Cheesecake Factory Just Released a Brand-New Cookie Dough Cheesecake

If you love cookie dough, prepare to be obsessed with this new cheesecake flavor.

Itching for a cookie dough dessert? Look no further—the Cheesecake Factory is embracing cookie dough for its latest creation, and we couldn’t be more excited. The restaurant with a famously large menu brings its A-game when it comes to cheesecakes.

Of all the new Cheesecake Factory flavors, we might be the most excited about this one: Cookie Dough Lover’s Cheesecake with Pecans.

What You Need to Know About the New Flavor

Ccf Cookie Dough Lovers Cheesecake W Pecans Courtesy Cheesecake FactoryCourtesy The Cheesecake Factory

This cheesecake is made for cookie dough lovers, literally, since the flavor’s name is Cookie Dough Lover’s Cheesecake with Pecans. Cheesecake Factory’s menu description says: “Creamy Cheesecake Loaded with Our Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie Dough, Topped with Cookie Dough Frosting.”

So forget about eating raw cookie dough. A cookie dough-filled cheesecake is a treat that simply can’t be beat. Add even more cookie dough thanks to that creamy cookie dough frosting and you can bet we’ll order this dessert more than once!

I Tried It; Here’s What I Thought

As a die-hard cookie dough fan, my expectations for this cheesecake were high from the very beginning. And I mean, seriously high, as someone whose go-to ice cream flavor has been chocolate chip cookie dough for over a decade. Particularly when reading its description, I thought, cookie dough in and out of this slice? Count me in.

Even with my high expectations, this cheesecake did not disappoint. Cheesecake Factory fans who adore a rich slice of cheesecake can expect just that. Upon first bite of the cookie dough creamy goodness, I was met with an exquisite fusion of cookie dough, chocolate chips, pecan, whipped cream and graham cracker. The outcome of such a combination? A delightfully pleasant taste that doesn’t overwhelm the palate with any single flavor. Yet, still satisfies the sweet tooth all in one fell swoop.

I will say that if you’re not into desserts that are on the heavier, richer side, this may not be the cheesecake for you. Nonetheless, if on occasion or generally you enjoy indulging in a velvety treat, then this cheesecake has my unapologetic endorsement. Especially if—or, let’s be real, when—a cookie dough craving strikes.

It’s a Great Dessert for a Great Cause

If the amazing description of this new Cheesecake Factory flavor didn’t immediately grab you, maybe the cause behind it will. Cheesecake Factory will donate 25 cents to Feeding America for every slice of Cookie Dough Cheesecake sold from its debut (July 30, 2023) through July 29th, 2024—so you might want to drop in a few times during the next year. Since 2008, the chain has raised over $6.3 million to donate to Feeding America.

Don’t forget to grab a slice! And before you go, this is what you need to know about Cheesecake Factory’s cheesecakes.

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