Cheesecake Factory Just Created ‘Decadent Desserts’ for You to Eat at Home

This is basically an indulgent adult pudding cup!

We all know that Cheesecake Factory’s colossal menu is full of great eats. Well, you can find all kinds Cheesecake Factory treats to eat at home, too. They recently blessed dessert lovers with pints of ice cream that mimic the flavors of their best cheesecakes. The restaurant chain’s latest treat is downright delightful.

Introducing Decadent Desserts, layered pudding cups that come in four delectable flavor combinations and generous serving sizes.

What’s in the Decadent Desserts?

You’re going to love this. Each personal-size treat includes a layer of sauce at the bottom, topped with velvety smooth, sweet pudding. It won’t take more than a spoonful before you fall in love with the crave-worthy pudding cups.

The dessert two-packs are available in four different flavor combinations. And all of them sound absolutely dreamy:

  • Cake Batter Strawberry Royale: a creamy cake batter-flavored pudding layered over an all-natural strawberry puree
  • Salted Caramel Delight: salted caramel pudding with a rich caramel sauce
  • Vanilla Fudge Duet: a rich vanilla bean pudding combined with a dark chocolate fudge sauce
  • Chocolate Black-Out: Belgian chocolate pudding plus dark chocolate fudge

It sounds amazing, right? Yes, they do come in packs of two, but no one says you have to share that second dessert.

Where Can I Find Decadent Desserts?

The dessert cups are currently available at Walmart and Meijer. A box of two individual dessert cups costs just over $3 and can be found in the refrigerated aisle. This brand-new product should appear at other grocery stores soon, so keep an eye out!

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