People Are Obsessing Over the New Caramel Creams Made with Oreo Cookie Pieces

You have to check out this twist on the candy dish classic.

We’re barely into 2021, and we already have all sorts of new snacks hitting the shelves. Oreo recently announced its Brookie-O, and it looks like tiramisu Oreos are already on shelves. While Oreo does a lot of reinventing on its own, sometimes other brands use Oreos as a springboard for creativity. How else would we have gotten the classic combo of cookies and cream?

One of the latest hybrids is courtesy of Goetze’s Candy Company, the brand known for its old-fashioned caramels with a white cream center. Now, there’s a version using Oreo bits in the caramel!

What’s in the Oreo Caramel Creams?

Back in 2019, Goetze’s teased the Caramel Creams with Oreo at a convenience store trade show. Finally, this candy is now in stores. And rumor has it that Goetze’s other caramel candy, Cow Tales, will also launch an Oreo flavor. We can’t wait!

Instead of the classic red packaging, these caramels come in a blue bag and promise caramel infused with Oreo cookie bits. This version is definitely deep and dark like an Oreo cookie instead of the usual tan. According to reviews, it’s not all about looks, either. You can really taste the Oreo bits in the caramel, and apparently, the soft cream center mimics Oreo filling perfectly.

Where Can I Buy Them?

Instagram snack accounts have reporting finding bags at Dollar General, but it’s not clear yet whether the candy is exclusive to the dollar store.

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The Caramel Creams with Oreo have not appeared on Goetze’s website yet. The company also calls these caramels “bulls-eyes” and has been known to produce them in flavors like chocolate, which is the closest flavor to Oreo, if you can’t make it to a Dollar General any time soon.

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