Trader Joe’s Is Selling Gummy Bear-Flavored Grapes That Taste JUST Like the Real Thing

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a fruit and vegetables kind of gal. It can be tough to sneak healthy foods into kids’ diets, so I’m sure my parents were more than thankful for my open-minded palate. However, not all kids (or adults) feel the same way, and it can be difficult to get those daily servings into meals.

I bet if all healthy stuff tasted like candy, a lot more people would be chowing down like no tomorrow. Let me introduce you to Candy Snaps grapes!

Here’s Some Fruit for Thought

It’s fruit that tastes like candy? Yep. The brand-new grapes, which were spotted at a Trader Joe’s in California, are exactly as they sound. They’re super sweet red grapes that taste like gummy bears. Instagram user @thesnacksoflife gave us a peek:

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Apparently “nature’s candy” isn’t cutting it

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This idea isn’t brand-new, however, and you’ve probably heard of cotton candy grapes. I find myself picking up a carton of these every time I’m at Trader Joe’s or Aldi, so I can vouch for their greatness! It also means I’m officially obligated to grab some Candy Snaps and give them a whirl.

Psst: Grapes are so easy to snack on, especially for summer. Throw a handful in a bag for your lunch or freeze them and bring ’em along for your next beach trip.

It’s Time for a Taste Test

The grapes were spotted very recently at Trader Joe’s, so their popularity is sure to skyrocket ASAP. If you need these in your fridge immediately, check your local store and see if they’ve got some left. I’ll be on my way later today, that’s for sure!

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