Is Your Candle Wick Mushrooming? Here’s How to Fix It

This quick fix will keep your candles burning longer.

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Lighting a candle is one of the most relaxing things, especially when you know how to make candles last forever. The right scents can help you feel calm, focused and relaxed, or make you feel more energized. It all depends on the scented candles you choose, whether you’re reaching for lavender, lemon or rose petal.

But when you start to notice wick mushrooming on your favorite candle, it can make you feel like you’ve lost it forever. So, what’s a candle lover to do when the wick starts bunching up at the top? Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy fix.

Why Is My Wick Mushrooming?

If you’ve ever had a candle with a black cap on the end, or what looks like a mushroom cap, it means your candle wick is mushrooming. If the wick mushrooms too much, it can make relighting a candle difficult. In essence, the ratio of wax to wick is off. The buildup of excess materials left from not burning correctly is the cap of carbon particles you see, otherwise known as a mushroom wick.

How Can I Fix It?

Not all candle companies use a perfectly-sized wick for the candle they’re producing, so it’s not uncommon to have this issue. It all has to do with how your wick stands. A wick standing straight up is more likely to mushroom, while a wick that’s bent at a gentle angle is less likely to have any buildup.

Luckily if you have a wick that’s mushrooming, the fix is pretty simple. All you need to do is trim the wick on your candle (when it’s no longer burning). You can find a wick trimmer on Amazon for less than $10, if you don’t already have one. Then, when you trim the wick, bend it slightly so it’ll be in the proper place before lighting and enjoying it again.

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