Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?

This is exactly what pet parents need to know!

You’ve probably caught your furry best friend giving you pleading looks as you enjoy a spoonful of strawberry shortcake. It’s so tempting to share this warm weather staple!

The most important consideration when offering any human food to dogs is safety. It’s fun to share what’s on your plate, but some human foods can be dangerous for dogs, even in small quantities—like grapes, onions and dark chocolate.

The good news is that fresh strawberries get a green light as an occasional sweet treat.

Can Dogs Have Strawberries?

Yes! That said, it’s wise to contact your veterinarian before adding foods to your dog’s diet, particularly if your pup is prone to gastrointestinal issues or has an underlying illness that might be impacted by the addition of novel foods.

Veterinarian Dr. Holly Brooks suggests introducing strawberries slowly and in a small quantity, without any other new food items to ensure they’re well tolerated.

Once your pup is ready to dig in, strawberry prep is the same for both ends of the leash: wash and hull the berries prior to feeding, and slice them into bite-sized pieces for petite pups, as well as bigger dogs that tend to gulp without chewing. Toss any moldy strawberries or fruit that’s overripe to the point of being soft.

Are Strawberries Good for Dogs?

The beauty of this berry is that they not only taste great, they’re also an all-natural snack without any of the fillers, colors or preservatives often found in commercial dog treats. Plus, strawberries contain vitamins and minerals that can help support your dog’s healthy diet.

Dr. Brooks reminds pet parents that even though it’s perfectly fine to feed dogs strawberries, they do add calories to your pup’s daily meal ration. It’s best to offer them as an occasional sweet treat to complement a complete and balanced diet. You can use them for a pop of color in homemade dog treats, too.

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