“Cakie” and “Breakie” Are Two NEW Foods Based on Top Recipe Searches During the Pandemic

Because we all needed a new dessert recipe, right?

There’s nothing more exciting than a brand-new recipe to try. Wouldn’t you agree? And while we’ve spent most of quarantine trying everything from lemon bread to Santa’s Trash cookies to frog bread, we can always find room for the next best thing.

If you’re a fan of brookies (the classic brownie/cookie combo), then you’ll definitely want to listen up. The desserts we’re about to talk about aren’t exactly the same, but they do take some of our favorite baked goods and smash them together for our delicious delight.

You want to know the weirdest thing about the new “cakie” and “breakie”? They were created by artificial intelligence.

What Are the “Cakie” and “Breakie”?

The “cakie” is a mix between a cookie and cake. It’s been described as having “the cakiness of cake and the crispiness of a cookie,” according to the Google Cloud team responsible for reporting about these majestic creations.

Cakie RecipeVia Google.com

Meanwhile, the “breakie” is a mix between cookie and bread and is described as being a “fluffy bread/cookie hybrid boasting the texture of a muffin.” Hey, anything that includes cookies, cake or bread is OK in my book!

Breakie RecipeVia Google.com

How Did Google’s AI Come Up with the Recipes?

After quarantine hit and and left many people stuck at home, Google saw a massive spike in searches for recipes. The Google Cloud team took the opportunity to try something new by gathering the necessary information, like 700 recipes worth of cakes, cookies and bread, and entered it into a program called AutoML Tables. This program was then able to decipher and specify whether a recipe was for cookies, cake or bread based on the ingredient lists. How amazing is that?

Then, the program spit out a few new recipes that took the Google Cloud team by surprise. They asked the program to create a recipe that was 50% cookie and 50% cake…and voila! The “cakie” was suddenly born. With a little tweaking, the “breakie” came into existence not long after.

How Can We Make These Recipes Ourselves?

Both recipes are available on Google Cloud’s website, so check that out ASAP. They’ve also got much more information on the original creation of their two newest baked goods, so feel free to read more about those if you feel so inclined. Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll be getting some more dessert combos in the future. I hope so!

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