Cadbury’s New Christmas Cottage Kit Is Even Better Than Gingerbread

Move over, gingerbread!

Building a gingerbread house is a classic Christmas tradition, and it’s a great way to bond with your family. However, if you’re looking for a twist on the traditional gingerbread house, Cadbury’s chocolate house kit is for you!

What’s in Cadbury’s chocolate house kit?

The chocolate house kit is full of sweet and creamy milk chocolate. You’ll receive two Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars, two Cadbury Dairy Winter Wonderland Edition bars, white buttons and flakes. It’s not all chocolate, though. The Christmas Cottage Kit also includes the Dairy Milk Winter Gingerbread Edition bar! Plus, the kit comes with instructions for assembly.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Christmas Cottage Kit includes any frosting, but we’ve got your back. Check out our recipe for the best gingerbread house icing. It will make the perfect snowy roof for your dream chocolate house.

Cadbury has released tasty holiday products before, so we’re excited to try our hand at putting together and eating a chocolate gingerbread house. Plus, the Queen of England loves Cadbury bars.

I’m ready to start decorating! Where do I buy a kit?

You can buy the Christmas Cottage Kit directly from Cadbury’s website. It costs £16.00, which is just about $20. This is a great gift for a loved one, and make sure to purchase a kit before they’re all sold out.

Even if you can’t snag one of the Cadbury kits, you can still host a (socially distant, of course) gingerbread house party. Learn all the tips and tricks you need for baking and decorating gingerbread (or chocolate) houses.

Sophia Lo
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