Butterfinger Might Be Releasing Its Own Peanut Butter—Here’s What We Know

If you didn't think peanut butter could get better, Butterfinger may prove you wrong.

#NationalPeanutButterDay doesn’t usually cause much of a stir (pun intended), though we’re all for celebrating America’s favorite spread. This year, however, the one brand that definitely knows its peanut butter decided to cash in on the hype.

Yep, we’re talking about Butterfinger, makers of the “crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery” candy bar. They dropped a major hint on Instagram about making Butterfinger peanut butter.

Is It Really Happening?

On January 24th, the brand posted a picture of a jar of the Butterfinger-inspired peanut butter, captioning it, “We just had the best idea for #NationalPeanutButterDay. Just kidding…Unless?”

Safe to say, our taste buds are ready, but it doesn’t look like the brand is planning to commit right now. It’s a pity, because we’d love some crispety, crunchety action in our peanut butter jar, with some chocolate pieces to add to the fun!

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Of course, the comments were predictably enthusiastic, with fans begging them to actually release it and not just tempt them. Honestly, we’re joining in the call for Butterfinger to make this peanut butter a real thing!

We’ve Still Got Hope

The idea may not be shelved for good: the photo also features an asterisk followed by the line, “Maybe in the future.” We’re keeping our fingers crossed that they stick to their promise in 2021! Until then, we’ll have to make do with do with our own crispy, crunchy concoctions, like these Butterfinger cookie bars or this Butterfinger cheesecake.

And hey, you could always make your own peanut butter at home and mix in some Butterfingers to add your own sweet crunch!

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