You Can Get a $1 Burger King Whopper for Doing a TikTok Dance

We think dancing on TikTok for a discounted Whopper is a fair trade.

You’ve heard of singing for your supper, but what about dancing for your dinner? You might want to start practicing your moves, because Burger King is running a $1 Whopper promotion that requires only a TikTok dance.

When it comes to food, you might’ve thought TikTok was only good for whipped coffee recipes and kitchen hacks. Well, think again. Now the trendy video sharing platform is good for discounts, too!

How Does This Work, Exactly?

Here’s the short version: You have to post a dance on TikTok, follow Burger King on the app and hashtag the video with #WhopperDance.

But there’s fine print, of course. Before you start freestyling, know that you must perform a certain dance. Starting June 18, some of the most popular stars on TikTok like Loren Gray, Avani and Nathan Davis Jr. posted dance tutorial videos on their pages. The videos demonstrate different moves representing Whopper sandwich combinations.

If you want to get a $1 Whopper, incorporate these dance moves into your so-called dance order. Burger King will then DM you a promo code to be used on the BK app!

Which came first, the Whopper or the Big Mac? Find the answer, plus more fun facts you never knew about Burger King’s Whopper.

You Have to Act Fast

You’d better start practicing your dance moves soon, because this is a limited time offer.

The TikTok #WhopperDance coupon will be valid through June 28, so head to your nearest Burger King to claim your prize before then. You can also get free delivery on the BK app with a $10 minimum order until July 5.

Can't Dance? Make a Whopper at Home
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