Burger King’s New Crispy Tacos Will Only Cost You $1

All you need is one buck to find out whether the Burger King tacos are good. We'll take the leap!

Move over, Taco Bell. Burger King just pulled a fast one on us all.

The fast food chain shocked customers when they released crispy Burger King tacos this past Tuesday. Burger King took to Twitter to break the news, confirming highly anticipated rumors that the tacos are, in fact, going to be on the menu for (drumroll, please!) just $1.

This Announcement Is Something to Taco ‘Bout

Burger King shared a commercial on Twitter of people eating crispy—and seemingly delicious—tacos, along with a universal message that any taco-lover would agree with. “The best part of going out?” Burger King wrote. “Getting tacos afterwards. Introducing our Crispy Taco, only $1 and only at Burger King.”

Then, BK followed up with a short and simple confirmation. “We now have a $1 taco,” the burger joint tweeted. “Yep, a taco.” Burger King also created a bot on Twitter, @BKTacoBot, that will reply back to you when you tweet about your experience with your crispy Burger King taco with the hashtag #BKTaco.

What’s in the Burger King Tacos?

The crispy Burger King tacos seem to be what Tex-Mex dreams are made of. The Burger King menu reveals that each taco is filled with warm, seasoned beef, shredded cheddar cheese and lettuce. It’s topped with savory sauce and wrapped in a crispy, crunchy tortilla. The description sounds like a crunch taco at Taco Bell, though the two don’t look similar at all.

Wait—Are the Tacos Worth $1?

The tacos debuted just a few days ago, but customers wasted no time sharing thoughts on the $1 Burger King tacos. It seems that some are less than impressed.

But other customers are pleasantly surprised with the BK tacos. It looks like at least one happy customer returned to the counter multiple times in just one Burger King visit to snag a couple extra crispy tacos:

When Can You Buy the Tacos—and for How Long?

If you’re ready to try the crispy Burger King tacos, head out soon. Like most fun food promos, they’re only available for a limited time at participating Burger King restaurants. Don’t forget to check BK’s secret menu before you go!

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