This Bunk Bed Hack Just Made Bedtime for Kids So Much Easier

This hack isn't just for kids, either—I wish I had thought of this when I was a college student!

If you have kids (or have had younger siblings), you know that bedtime can be a total pain. Between encouraging the kiddos to finish their dinner and hop in the bath, and doing the after-dinner dishes, you can find that a few hours have gone by. Well, let us introduce to you to something that will make them EXCITED to get into bed instead of playing run-around all night!

TikTok is always coming through for us with the hack videos, and we’re here to add another to the list.

Did somebody say clothes hanger theater?

How to Hang a Tablet in a Bunk Bed

You will need a bunk bed for this hack. That’s not to say you can’t use your own crafting skills to find a different method for a regular bed. But this hack is specifically for all the bed bunkin’ kids out there. (I was one of them myself!)

This hack is super, super simple. I really can’t stress that enough. Just grab two clothes hangers and a tablet (or whatever mobile screen your child usually watches). You take the hangers on the underside of the top bed, hang them on the wire mesh and lay the tablet screen side down between the two hangers.

Here’s a closer look:

@howdoessheThis is the coolest #bunkbed #lifehack EVER! #momhacks #kidhacks tag a mom friend, and give it a try! Might be great for college dorms! #collegehacks

♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi

What makes this hack so great is that it works for students in college dorms, too. I wish I could’ve had this bedside setup!

Easy Fun for Everyone!

It’s a new way to watch their favorite shows, so of course the kids will want to give it a shot. Right now, we recommend streaming Bob Ross or checking out Waffles + Mochi with Michelle Obama.

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