This Lego Waffle Maker Lets You Play with Your Food—Literally!

This building brick waffle maker is perfect for snacking AND stacking.

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There’s nothing we love more than rolling out of bed on a Saturday morning and whipping up a fun breakfast for the kids. As much as we love breakfast pizza and homemade Toaster Strudels, though, we’re always trying to find new ways to keep the little ones engaged in the most important meal of the day. Now, you can make every morning feel like playtime.

The Building Brick Waffle Maker quite literally shapes breakfast into building blocks.

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What Is This Invention?

The Lego waffle maker, technically called the Building Brick Waffle Maker, is the very first of its kind. The mold on top creates twelve pieces, perfect for building and munching, and, depending on your purchase, the waffle maker comes with 2-4 base plates for building. You’ll also get a guide to waffle brick building, making it the perfect morning project for sleepovers or plain ol’ Saturday mornings.

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Where Do I Buy One?

Unlike other kitchen gadgets, you won’t find this one at Target or Walmart. The waffle maker is only available on Kickstarter, and you can pledge $50 to grab your own. You can also pledge $75 for the waffle maker plus two construction plates, $95 for the reward of two Building Brick Waffle Makers or $100 for the waffle maker and four construction plates.

The Kickstarter has already blasted way past its original goal of $7,500, making upwards of $189,000 at the time of this article. If you still want to pledge, you’ll receive your waffle maker sometime around August, when they start shipping. There’s no limit to how much fun you can have during breakfast!

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