The Beautiful Bread Trend That Is Going Completely Viral

We never knew bread—or rather, bread art—could be so stunning?

I love bread. What’s not to adore? Sourdough, baguettes, rye, wheat…it’s all good.

With that said, bread is not usually described as beautiful. I mean, it’s a thing of beauty to our taste buds, but more often than not, it’s plain on the outside and plain-ish on the inside. But lately, there’s been a trend cropping up in baking groups and Instagram pages across the ‘net that’s proved the assumption wrong. Bakers are turning foccacia into glamourous works of bread art by layering on creative ingredients.

What Is Bread Art?

Instagram user @vineyardbaker is at the heart of this trend. Her profile says she’s “putting the art in artisan breads,” and based on the gorgeous images on her page, she’s definitely succeeding.

Her breads are topped with designs that transform sliced peppers and chives into a colorful bouquet of poppies and sunflowers. They’re almost too beautiful to eat.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this recent focaccia she’s dubbed “Vincent Van Dough.” She says it’s a delight for the eyes and the taste buds, and we have to agree.

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How Is It Made?

You’re probably wondering how you can try VineyardBaker’s bread-baking style at home. We’d recommend starting with this recipe for tomato herb focaccia and replace the tomato with toppings like kalamata olives, fresh herbs, yellow peppers, capers and grape tomatoes to create your own masterpiece.

VinyardBaker recommends letting the dough rise and get a bit “billowy” before pressing delicate ingredients like chive stems into the bread. Brushing the bread with olive oil adds flavor and gives the dough a glossy finishing touch. If you choose to use wet ingredients like juicy cherry tomatoes, she recommends to pat them dry after slicing so they don’t make your bread soggy.

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More Beautiful Bread

Flower-topped focaccia isn’t the only type of stunning bread VineyardBaker bakes. She also scores mesmerizing patterns into sourdough—and even plays with fun bread shapes like these football pretzel rolls she made for the Super Bowl.

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If you end up embarking on this artistic culinary journey, VineyardBaker encourages those who have been inspired by her to post their work so she can see it.

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