For Valentine’s Day, Boston Market Is Offering a Bouquet You Can (Literally) Sink Your Teeth Into

This baby back rib bouquet is a great gift AND a great dinner.

Many people buy their loved one flowers for Valentine’s Day, surprising them with handfuls of roses, tulips or carnations. But if you have a valentine who’s not a big flower fan, that option is off the table—or is it?

Thanks to Boston Market, there’s a way to gift a unique arrangement that’ll also serve as your dinner: a baby back rib bouquet.

Wait, Did I Read That Right?

You sure did! On Valentine’s Day, the chain will be offering what it has coined the “BAE-by back ribs bouquet” (ha!) for $29.99. This thing looks like a bouquet, too—the ribs are nestled inside a wrapping that evokes flower arrangements, and it can be held like an assortment of flowers.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen meat offered as a gifting option for the day of love. The Manly Man Company sold beef jerky rose bouquets last year, and it appears to have brought them back again in 2020.

Or… Pick Your Own “Flowers”

Boston Market’s new offering is a nifty take on a classic present, so if you’re looking for a totally out-of-the-ordinary treat on the big day—or you’re running a little behind on the whole gift-selecting thing—look no further.

Of course, there are ways to surprise your valentine with your own version of this out-there present…or even just the ribs, if the thought of giving an actual bouquet of them weirds you out a little. If reading about Boston Market’s newest offering has got you craving this rich, hearty meal, pick one of our best barbecue ribs recipes, with options like peach-glazed and spice-rubbed ribs, to satisfy that savory tooth.

How Long Are the Bouquets Available?

This delightfully offbeat arrangement is only available on February 14, so if your valentine is a fan of ribs, you’ll want to make Boston Market your dinner destination. The restaurant is also offering other unique dinner options that day, including two ribs meals for $20 and two prime rib meals for $30.

If you won’t be able to make it to the restaurant that day but the idea of giving your valentine (or galentine) a food-related present sparks joy, surprise them with one of these super cute desserts.

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