For 3 Days, McDonald’s Is Giving Out Free Big Macs. This Is How You Can Get One

'Tis the season of free Big Macs!

Thanks to McDonald’s, the holiday season just got slightly more jolly. And we, for one, are lovin’ it.

All December long, the chain’s “SZN of Sharing” promotion has offered the gift of three weeks of delicious deals! From a chance to win a lifetime of free McDonald’s with a McDonald’s gold card to indulging in everyone’s favorite bestselling McDonald’s items at a free or discounted rate, Mickey D’s has you covered.

Of course, it wouldn’t be McDonald’s without a free option of the coveted classic: the Big Mac. So gather ’round the golden arches and read on for how you can get yours.

What Is the BOGO Big Mac Deal?

A buy-one Big Mac, get-one-free deal kicks off the third and final week of the SZN of Sharing. The deal—which was also offered from Dec. 5 to the 7th to initiate the first week of the promotion—will last from Monday, Dec. 19 to Wednesday, Dec. 21. Meaning, you have another 72-hour opportunity to run to McDonald’s to treat yourself to not just one, but two juicy burgers!

How Do I Access the BOGO Big Mac Deal?

To get your hands on a free Big Mac ASAP, the steps are simple. Just download the free MyMcDonald’s Rewards app. Then, as long as you order a Big Mac through the app on the allotted days of the deal, you’ll receive a second one for free!

Orders not made through the app or on alternative days will not qualify for the deal. As an added bonus, as part of the rewards program, members can access additional benefits such as mobile order and pay, and free McDonald’s through the accumulation of points for every dollar spent.

What Other Deals Can I Get Through the MyMcDonald’s Rewards App?

Mcdonalds Szn Of Sharing Dec 2022 Dh Resize TohCourtesy Mcdonald's

For the remainder of the SZN of Sharing, there are two more mouthwatering deals to keep in mind. From Dec. 22 to Dec. 23, rewards members can access a Double Cheeseburger for just 50 cents. Finally, to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, customers can get a 4-piece with items of their choice for only $4—with the added bonus of eligibility for a McDonald’s gold card.

If that isn’t enough, outside of the SZN of Sharing, rewards members have even more access to discounted deals like $1 fries—a deal that lasts through the end of the year. No wonder they’re the best-selling item on the McDonald’s menu.

“Whether you’re sharing McNuggets or McDonald’s for Life,” corporate McDonald’s states, “it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year with McDonald’s SZN of Sharing.”

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