BJ’s Wholesale Club Now Has Personal Shoppers and Same-Day Delivery, and We’re Pumped

Imagine: a personal shopping experience from where you get your groceries delivered the same day, if not within the hour? It isn't a dream! This is actually happening at BJ's Wholesale Club!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - October 24, 2017: BJ's is a membership only Wholesale Club with over 200 locations mainly on the East Coast of the USA.Shutterstock / Helen89

We like things that are fast and easy—like these dinners you can have on the table in under 30 minutes—but usually quick and easy go along with too good to be true. Except, when it comes to BJ’s Wholesale Club, it’s not! The chain has rolled out a brand-new same-day delivery service where you submit a shopping list, their employees pick out the goods, and you get it delivered that very day—sometimes within the hour! Sign us up!

Where is it available?

The service was rolled out in cities along the East Coast (members can access it by clicking on “BJ’s Delivery Service”). But by the end of this month, the service will be available at all BJ’s clubs. BJ’s new delivery service is made possible through an expanded partnership with Instacart, which has already been bringing brings personal grocery shopping services to locations all over the country.

Members-only discounts? Yes, please!

BJ’s Wholesale Club members who place their delivery orders through this service will receive lower, member-only pricing, saving up to 25 percent more on groceries compared to supermarket pricing (for more info on this, see BJ’s 25% Savings page). Though if you still make regular supermarket runs, you can save big with these tips.

Why BJ’s?

If you’re not already a BJ’s Wholesale Club member, here’s why you probably should be:

  • BJ’s offers a larger variety of fresh foods than other wholesale grocery clubs
  • BJ’s is the only major wholesale club to offer a full-service deli—now with the added convenience of same-day delivery in as little as an hour, the deli cases from which you can now incorporate into these favorite lunch box ideas.

We’re thrilled to get same-day delivery plus personal shopping services! But we have to wonder: When we put BJ’s new service together with these family-friendly dinners that take a half hour max, what will we do with all that spare time?! Perhaps, we’ll put it toward our favorite old-school hobbies.

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