This Meatless Burger Would Fool Even the Biggest Meat ‘n’ Potatoes Person

It looks just like beef, cooks just like beef and tastes just like beef. But it's not beef.

Long gone are the days where vegetarian options were limited to beans and mushroom patties. (Though this reader-submitted Veggie Bean Burger recipe is insanely delicious!)

With the texture and flavor of a traditional beef patty, the Beyond Burger and similar plant-based meats have been making their rounds through grocery stores (like Trader Joe’s and Costco) for a while now, and taste testers everywhere seriously can’t get enough. Even major fast-food chains, like White Castle and McDonald’s, have added vegan burgers to their menus.

This meatless burger was created by Beyond Beef, a company devoted to making plant-based products that look and cook like their meat counterparts. It’s a major win for all of the vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians out there.

So, What’s in It?

Beyond Burger in a packagePhoto: Beyond Burger

The Beyond Burger is about as close to meat as you can get. The animal-protein is replaced with a pea-protein, and the burger gets its “bleed” from red beet juice. The LA Times called it, “a burger so similar to the classic American burger (and far more healthful) that it’s become the first-ever plant-based product sold in the meat department at Whole Foods.” While vegans have already jumped on the bandwagon searching for this tasty little patty, it’s plain to see that it’s a great health-conscious option for meat-eaters, too. In fact, one of the most exciting things about the burger is that it packs way more healthy vitamins and nutrients than you might expect.

You can always make meatless burgers at home, thanks to our best veggie burger recipes.

What About Vitamins and Nutrients?

While the patties may look just like meat, there’s bound to be some naysayers out there who think that they must be full of chemicals and toxins. Wrong. When pitted against a standard beef burger, described by the USDA National Nutrient Database, the 4oz Beyond Burger comes out on top in every single way.

The Beyond Burger boasts 20g protein, 25% iron, 5g saturated fats and 22g of total fats. As though that weren’t enough, the patty is totally plant-based, hormone-free and GMO-free. When you compare that to the likes of an average beef burger patty, you will see a major difference. A standard burger contains 19g protein, just 12% iron, 9g of saturated fats and 23g of total fat. Yikes.

Still not sure? Here’s what’s in the Impossible Burger.

Where Can You Find It?

Are your taste buds tingling? If you want to try the new meatless burger for yourself, it actually couldn’t be easier. The patty is on the menu at TGI Fridays and Bareburger restaurants around the US right now. But you don’t have to just dine out to try them! You can also buy them in stores such as Kroger, Safeway, Ralphs, King Soopers and Fred Meyer. Beyond Meat also has a handy store locator, too!

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