Betty White’s Home Is Now For Sale—Here’s Your First Look

I have to say, Betty has impeccable taste.

We all know her as one of the famous Golden Girls, but Betty White made her mark on Hollywood for over eight decades. She started in radio due to executives deeming her “not photogenic” enough for television—I dare to disagree! But eventually, she used her stunning wits, talent and beauty to officially premiere on TV and beyond. Ever since, she’s become one of American’s national treasures. It was heartbreaking to watch her pass right before her 100th birthday.

Now Betty White’s home is officially up for sale, and it’s just as gorgeous as you’d imagine.

Where You Can Find Betty White’s Home

The official listing is on Sotheby’s International Realty. This wondrous mansion sits at 2625 Ribera Road in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, 93923. That’s a little over 300 miles from the original Golden Girls’ home that went up for sale last year (and was just as beautiful). Carmel-by-the-Sea is a small beach city towards California’s central coast, although the pictures in the listing show anything but small. The view is truly one-of-a-kind, and to some, absolutely invaluable.

It Has Some Truly Stunning Features

This house was built in 1981 and has 4 bedrooms and 4-1/2 bathrooms with an interior of 3,621 square feet. Not as big as you might have imagined, huh? It takes up just 0.28 acres and comes in at a whopping $7,950,000. Ah, the dream!

But that’s not all we’re dreaming about. This built-in fireplace with a full view of the ocean has us in a tizzy! What I would give to spend a beautiful, warm California night with a mug of peppermint tea and a good book in that mesmerizing room. Nothing but the best for Miss Betty!

Betty Whites Home Living RoomVia

Windows are a major part of this home’s aesthetic. Giant windows paint the living room, kitchen and numerous bedrooms. Having access to such a beautiful view, I’d want windows everywhere, too!

Betty Whites Home Dining RoomVia

There’s even a couch off to the side of the kitchen. What a perfect place for your guests to relax as you entertain with homemade hors d’oeuvres.

Betty Whites Home BedroomVia

Did I mention the built-in fireplace that’s part of the bedroom as well? The absolute dream.

Betty Whites Home Bathroom VanityVia

There’s a studio vanity mirror built into the bathroom as well—now we know why Betty always managed to look so stunning herself.

Betty Whites Home BalconyVia

And last but not least, the balcony and view. That shoreline is one for the books, and the expansive wrap-around balcony gives the home a practical elegance. Any night spent out there is sure to be a wonderful memory. We miss you, Betty!

Betty Whites Home Balcony ViewVia

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