Our Test Kitchen Found the Best Yogurt You Can Buy. Is It Your Favorite Brand?

Whether you eat it on the go, use it in tzatziki or a picture-perfect parfait, having the best yogurt is crucial for tasty dishes. Find out which brands our Test Kitchen loves.

About Best Loved Brands

In efforts to find the best kitchen staples—everything from bacon to brownies, pancake mix to potato chips—Taste of Home put 100+ products to the test. Each offering was tested blindly by an expert panel of culinary and editorial staff, all of whom are avid home cooks and bakers. After undergoing a thorough review, our Best Loved Brands emerged. Find out which brands you should be shopping for.

Finding the Best Yogurt

For a quick breakfast, you can’t go wrong with a yogurt. It’s packed with calcium, protein and other good-for-you nutrients to kick-start your day. It’s also a great ingredient to have on hand for making dips and desserts. But as much as we all love this refrigerator staple, many of us end up grabbing disappointing brand after disappointing brand—no one wants a sad, runny yogurt!

That’s where our Test Kitchen comes in. Our culinary and editorial experts put eight brands—everything from the most common names to smaller, organic options—to the test in a blind tasting of vanilla yogurt (we wanted a nice, basic flavor that would level the playing field a bit). Panelists were judging based on these criteria:

  • Flavor
  • Body
  • Texture
  • Appearance

With the right yogurt—one that’s flavorful, creamy and thick (but not gloppy!)—you can make all sorts of amazing recipes. A good yogurt should make recipes come to life. Now, let’s find out who topped our list.

Chobani via amazon.com

First Place: Chobani

Greek yogurt brand Chobani gained high praise for its beautiful appearance. The pure white color looked absolutely pristine in the package. This option had nice vanilla flavor and a thicker texture as well as just a hint of sweetness. For folks looking for a flavorful option that’s not so sweet, Chobani is a great choice.

$4.99 for a 32-oz. tub or $1.00 for a 5-oz. single-serve container; available at grocers nationwide.

Second Place: Meijer

In first place was Meijer’s store-branded yogurt. It got exceptionally high marks for its nice, thick texture—no runny yogurt here! It also garnered praise for its full-bodied flavor, nice balance of vanilla flavor and sweetness. For dips and desserts, you can’t go wrong with this option.

$2.49 for a 32-oz. tub; available exclusively at Meijer.

Third Place: Greek Gods

Greek Gods yogurt also offered our Test Kitchen a great vanilla yogurt option. This Greek yogurt managed to strike a balance between our first and second place options—sweeter than Chobani but not as sweet as Meijer. This also had a good, creamy texture that sticks to the spoon.

$3.99 for a 24-oz. tub; available at grocers nationwide.

What to Make with Yogurt

When most folks think of yogurt, they think of single-serve containers for easy snacks and breakfasts, but this basic can be so much more! Layered with fruit and granola, it’s easy to make a beautiful parfait. But if you opt for plain yogurt instead of flavors, the possibilities are limitless! Use yogurt to make a tasty tzatziki sauce to serve with dinner or for delicious, creamy dips like this Parmesan dip. Think of it like a better-for-you sour cream or cream cheese! Just check out all these amazing options that start with a humble container of yogurt.

We hope our Test Kitchen’s review helps you on your next grocery run. Be sure to check out our other Best Loved Brands!

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Lisa Kaminski
Lisa is a former Taste of Home editor and passionate baker. During her tenure, she poured her love of all things sweet (and sometimes savory) into Bakeable, Taste of Home's baking club. Lisa also dedicated her career here to finding and testing the best ingredients, kitchen gear and home products for our Test Kitchen-Preferred program. At home, you'll find her working on embroidery and other crafts.