What’s the Best Way to Mash a Potato? We Found Out.

See ya later, lumps.

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When it comes to comfort food, who can say no to a steaming scoop of fluffy mashed potatoes? Whether you like ‘em smothered in gravy or topped with a big pat of butter, there’s no denying that mashed is one of our favorite ways to enjoy a spud.

However, achieving the perfect mashed potato consistency can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why we tried four different methods to come up with the best technique. Here’s what we found.

The Best Way to Mash a Potato

Mashed Potato Comparisons; How To

Never serve lumpy mashed potatoes again. A ricer or food mill will turn your cooked spuds into a light and oh-so-fluffy side. This technique presses the potatoes through tiny holes, eliminating any and all clumps. It also helps incorporate air into the mixture, ensuring your potatoes reach a creamy, crave-worthy consistency.

The only downside? This method requires good ol’ fashioned manual labor. Plus, not everyone has a ricer or food mill in their gadget arsenal. (Luckily you can buy one here).

Other Methods to Try:

Hand Mash: If you like your mashed potatoes on the chunky side, you can use a hand masher. This retro gadget uses manual power to squish cooked potato chunks to the desired consistency.

Electric Mixer: This is the method my mom uses, and it yields super-smooth and fluffy spuds. Start by turning your mixer on a low speed, then start to churn the potatoes. Slowly add warm milk and butter until you reach the desired consistency. Wondering which hand mixer to buy? This is the best one, according to our Test Kitchen.

The Method to Avoid:

Unless you want gummy, gluey potatoes, avoid using a blender or food processor. Even though it’s quick and easy, the end result of this method is a mess. Honestly, a simple fork is better.

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