Grocery Prices May Be Rising—But Now Is the Best Time to Buy This Produce-Favorite

You're going to want to stock up at the grocery store now!

It’s no secret that food prices have been rising. In fact, grocery store prices are up 13.5% from last summer. However, there’s a surprising produce-outlier whose price has significantly dropped over the past year: avocados! This means it may be the ideal time to stock up on everyone’s favorite toast topping.

Not only do avocados have an abundance of health benefits and are a go-to ingredient in some amazing recipes, but their price has also dropped a stunning 67% since June of 2022. And from the first half of 2022, the wholesale price of avocados has dropped an overall 35% year-over-year. In contrast to last year, since September of 2021, the unit price of avocados has gone down 2.6%.

Here’s why getting the core ingredient for your favorite guacamole recipe is more affordable than ever.

Why Are Avocado Prices So Low?

Throughout 2022, the price of avocados has fluctuated. Mexico is the United States’ primary supplier of avocados—a whopping 92% of avocados consumed in the United States are from Mexico. During the first half of 2022, various trade issues between the two nations occurred. Thus, the price of avocados soared due to the low amount of shipments—25% less than at the same time in 2021.

After trade issues eased from the first half of 2022, the avocado harvest also happened to vastly improve. Typically, avocado crops have a higher yield one season and a lower one the next. But according to experts, it is possible for avocados to have lucky “back-to-back high-yield seasons.”

The fact that European countries experiencing inflation have less of a demand for avocados, the war in Ukraine and other global factors, all contribute to America’s present surplus of avocados.

Will Avocado Prices Always Be This Low?

Of course, prices are malleable. Depending on the overall climate and environment, the next avocado crop could be affected which could drive avocado prices up.

Yet, for the most part, experts predict that the oversupply of avocados should last into at least the middle of 2023.

With that being said—for as long as the avocado surplus remains—you can enjoy a bite of avocado toast and all of your avocado favorites—like a viral tunacado sandwich—at an affordable rate!

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