Our Test Kitchen Tried 6 Types of Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. Here’s the Best Brand.

We tested six brands of roasted red pepper hummus to find the absolute best dip for your pita chips.

If you’re a hummus fanatic like us, you know that one of the most popular flavors (besides plain, of course) is roasted red pepper. There’s just something about the sweet, tangy taste of red peppers that plays so well with the smooth texture of classic chickpea-tahini dip.

However, because the pairing is increasingly popular, there are dozens of brands to choose from. To make your shopping decisions a little easier, we tested six flavors of roasted red pepper hummus to find the best one. Keep reading to see which was our favorite!

Finding the Best Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

We rounded up the Taste of Home editors and our Test Kitchen staff for a blind taste test of several popular red pepper hummus brands. Each of the products was scored on factors such as:

  • Overall flavor
  • Red pepper content
  • Texture
  • Appearance
  • Ingredients

What makes for an amazing roasted red pepper hummus? It needs to have a smooth consistency and a balanced flavor—the red pepper should be prominent but not overwhelming. Basically, we were looking for a hummus that has amazing mouthfeel and keeps you coming back for more. Plus, we always love a product that’s made with quality ingredients.

After carefully testing six different products, we crowned our top brand—the roasted red pepper hummus you simply need to have at your next party.

The Best Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: Cedar’s Organic

cedars hummus© Ryan Maurer

Our testers couldn’t stop raving about the flavor and texture of Cedar’s Organic Roasted Red Pepper Hommus. This product has a delicious, well-rounded flavor profile with perfectly-sized pieces of red pepper throughout. It’s not too tangy or sweet, but the flavor lingers—in a good way. The texture is spot on, as well, and one editor called it “just what I was looking for.”

In addition to its superior taste and consistency, this hummus gets bonus points for being made with quality organic ingredients. It’s non-GMO verified, as well, so you can feel good about every bite of this unbelievably tasty snack.

$3.99 for a 10-ounce tub; available at grocers nationwide.

More Great Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Brands

Boar’s Head

boar's head roasted red pepper hummusvia boarshead.com

Boar’s Head Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is a close second. It immediately catches your eye thanks to the red pepper heaped in the center of the container. However, Boar’s Head is more than a pretty face—this roasted red pepper hummus delivered big on taste as well with a multi-faceted flavor.

In addition to the red pepper, our editors got notes of basil, olives and vinegar, all of which gave the hummus delicious depth. Plus, it’s made with non-GMO ingredients and is kosher. Overall, our taste testers thought this hummus was “super solid,” earning it second place in our ranking.

$4.49 for a 10-ounce tub; available at grocers nationwide.

Trader Joe’s

trader joes roasted red pepper hummusvia Trader Joe's

Rounding out our top three is Trader Joe’s Smooth and Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. This Trader Joe’s-exclusive product got top marks for its super creamy texture, but not all our testers liked its sweeter taste. The flavor is dialed down a bit compared to our other options, but it’s still quite tasty and worth a trip to your local Trader Joe’s.

Price varies, available exclusively at Trader Joe’s.

How to Serve Your Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Once you have one of these delicious brands of hummus in hand, the next question is how best to eat it! Our go-to is usually with pita chips or fresh veggies, but there are plenty of other ways to serve red pepper hummus.

Try spreading hummus on toast as a midday snack, or use it as a condiment on your lunchtime sandwich. And, of course, you can always use it atop homemade falafel burgers—yum!

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