The Best Places to Store Large Pots and Pans

Here's where to stash your stockpots, baking sheets and roasting pans.

Finding the right storage solution for bulky pots and pans is tricky. If you simply throw them in a cabinet, you will be met with an avalanche of cookware the next time you open the door. (I know from experience.) To help you avoid the mess, I’m sharing our favorite spots to keep larger items out of the way, yet readily accessible when you need them.

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Use a File Organizer

File organizers are not just for the office! Place a standing, non-tiered file organizer like this one in a kitchen cabinet, then place a cookie sheet in each section. It keeps larger, flat-shaped pans standing up and separated, making them easy to grab while also saving cabinet space. You can even use a heavy-duty file sorter for deeper vessels like casserole dishes and roasting pans.

This is the best sheet pan, according to our Test Kitchen pros.

Put a Basket on Top of the Fridge

If the top of your fridge is accessible, it can be a great storage spot. But no one wants to look at a mess of pans piled on top of the fridge. Instead, fill a deep basket with pots and pans. Use one that measures a few inches less than the width of your fridge so that it fits nicely without hanging over the edge. The basket hides the mess and it’s easy to bring the whole thing down when you need one of the pots.

Use a Deep Cabinet Drawer

If you’re lucky enough to have deep drawers as part of your kitchen design, they are the perfect spot for storing pots and pans. You can even stack ’em. If you don’t have a cabinet drawer in the right size, don’t forget the under-the-oven storage drawer! Most standard ovens come with a pull-out drawer that is deep enough to store a few large pans. It keeps them conveniently close when you’re in the mood to check something off your baking bucket list.

Add a Cabinet Shelf

If you’re only using the bottom of your cabinet, you’re wasting a lot of vertical space! You can add a shelf using an organizer like this one. The extra flat surface is great for storing more pots and pans or extra lids.

Install a Hanging Kitchen Rail

Short on cabinet space? Hang your pots and pans instead! Hang up one or two kitchen rails on any empty wall space and hang up your large pots and pans with hooks. Not only does it solve a storage problem, but they’ll look chic out on display—adding a beautiful utilitarian element to your kitchen.

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