We Tried 5 Types of Kombucha. Here’s the One We All Loved.

Are you hooked on the punchy fermented drink? These are the best kombucha brands to try.

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Just a few years ago, everyone was wondering what is kombucha? Kombucha was only a fringe drink available at health stores. Today the fizzy, fermented beverage is available in most grocery stores, and there’s a bevy of different brands and types to choose from. It’s obvious people are enjoying them for flavor as well as the health benefits. We did a taste test to find the best kombucha brands out there.

The top health benefits of kombucha may surprise you.

What’s the Best Kombucha? We Found Out.

We tried six popular brands of kombucha. We narrowed those results to the top three finalists. While testing, we considered flavor, coloration, level of cloudiness (a sign of robust fermentation action) and smell.

Why is fermentation so good for you?

The Best Kombucha Brand: G.T.’s Enlightened Gingerade

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Our favorite kombucha was G.T.’s Organic Enlightened Gingerade. A common kombucha brand, you can find G.T.’s Enlightened at many grocery stores. Organic, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free, this low-sugar kombucha only contains two ingredients: kombucha starter and freshly pressed ginger juice. What set this kombucha apart for our testers, was the taste. G.T.’s hit the right spot in the sweet-sour spectrum, with a slightly sweet ginger flavor. It was definitely punchy, but not in a just-swallowed-vinegar way.

The Gingerade was slightly carbonated and pleasantly cloudy, with particles of starter visible in the jar. One tester said: “Exactly what kombucha should taste like in my opinion. Slaps you in the face, but in a really good way.” Another compared it to apple cider, saying it was “just right for a fall day…I’d try it warmed.”

And if that doesn’t win you over, you’ll be pleased to know that G.T.’s only contains 2g of sugar per serving. Win!

$4 for a 16-ounce bottle; available at retailers nationwide.

More Bubbly Kombucha Brands

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Health-Ade Ginger-Lemon Kombucha

The silver medal goes to Health-Ade’s Organic Ginger-Lemon Kombucha. This is another vegan, gluten-free option that’s also certified raw, which is believed to help preserve nutrients as the ingredients aren’t exposed to heat. The ginger-lemon flavor is made with kombucha starter and pressed ginger and lemon juice, plus green and black teas, which add an energizing boost. It’s also lightly sweetened with 5g of sugar per serving.

At first glance, our testers thought this one looked approachable even for those new to kombucha: a pale yellow hue, plenty of bubbles and a pleasant ginger smell. Some tasters mainly picked up on ginger notes, while others called it lemony. One taster said, “The flavor is worth savoring with a nice level of effervescence. I can’t wait to find out what this is so I can buy it!” Love ginger? These fresh ginger recipes celebrate the spicy root.

$4 for a 16-ounce bottle; available at retailers nationwide.

Get Sippin’

Whether you’re new to kombucha or sip it daily, you can’t go wrong with any of these delicious kombucha brands. Many kombucha lovers enjoy the beverage as a coffee or tea alternative, especially during the hot summer months. Pour a little of the fermented drink over ice, or dilute with still or sparkling water for a smoother sip.

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