The 10 Best Cities for People Who Love Fast Food

Can't get enough McDonald's fries? Head to the best city for your fast food fix.

Sure, fast food is available just about everywhere, whether you’re in a big city or a small town. But the options at hand may be better than usual based on your location. If you love Big Macs, Crunchwrap Supremes and fried chicken, here’s where to go!

(Bonus: Here’s the best state for people who love fast food.)

How Was the Ranking Determined?

This list, published by ApartmentGuide, ranked locations based on the number of the most popular chain restaurants compared to the population. In other words, where can the smallest number of people share the greatest number of restaurants?

The fast food chains in the running are:

Do you know what chain restaurant is the most popular? Find out here.

Here’s a Look at the Top 10

It’s a blend of mid-sized cities (that’s you, Cincinnati!) and tourist towns with a blue-collar working population, says ApartmentGuide.

This is where to go for a McDouble on the double:

  1. Orlando, Florida (1 restaurant per 1,058 people)
  2. Miami, Florida (1 per 1,457)
  3. Cincinnati, Ohio (1 per 1,522)
  4. St. Louis, Missouri (1 per 1,794)
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada (1,813)
  6. Cleveland, Ohio (1 per 1,899)
  7. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1 per 1,926)
  8. Tampa, Florida (1 per 1,927)
  9. Atlanta, Georgia (1 per 2,096)
  10. Fort Wayne, Indiana (1 per 2,417)

Take a closer look at the list. You won’t find many major metropolitan cities. Because this list ranks per capita, instead of just how many fast food restaurants there are, major cities with denser populations have a hard time creeping up the list. New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago didn’t even crack the Top 50.

Whether or not your city made the list, you’ll still want to stop in at the most popular regional fast food chains, found right in your own backyard.

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