Ben & Jerry’s New Flavor Combines Caramel with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and We Can’t Wait to Try It

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay makes sweet history as the first Black woman featured on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

Lights Caramel Action 473ml OpenVia Merchant

Coming soon to freezers near you is a new flavor from Ben & Jerry’s that we can’t wait to get our hands on: Lights! Caramel! Action!. Made in collaboration with Oscar-nominated director Ava DuVernay, you’ll be able to find the new flavor in your grocery store beginning in January 2023.

Known for its crazy ice cream flavors, Ben & Jerry’s has previously developed flavors based on celebrities such as Willie Nelson, Elton John and the band Phish (Phish Food ice cream, anyone?). DuVernay is the first Black woman to be featured on the famed Vermont ice cream brand’s pints.

What’s in Ben & Jerry’s Latest Flavor?

Get ready, because this new edition is a delicious flavor combo of salted caramel swirls, graham cracker swirls and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough, all ingredients that DuVernay personally loves and selected. “Partnering with Ben & Jerry’s, a company that I’ve long admired for their commitment to social justice, has been a thrill ride,” she said.

Lights! Caramel! Action! will be available in both dairy and non-dairy options. The ingredients are also fair-trade certified, non-GMO sourced, certified vegan, and made with almond milk or sunflower butter. And, we’re excited because this isn’t just a limited-time flavor release—Lights! Caramel! Action! will be a full-time addition to Ben & Jerry’s flavor line-up.

What Else to Know About Lights! Caramel! Action!

Proceeds from the ice cream will go to a good cause: DuVernay’s non-profit organization ARRAY Alliance. ARRAY Alliance is dedicated to elevating the work of artists of color, creating more inclusive environments in the entertainment industry, and providing mentorship to underrepresented communities.

“Framing this up as a new flavor for the first Black woman to be a featured partner on our pints doesn’t do Ava justice,” said Matthew McCarthy, Ben & Jerry’s CEO. “We are humbled by this partnership, impressed by her work sharing not only the struggle but the joy in the justice, and we are inspired by her commitment and vision.”

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