This Beehive Honey Jar Is the Cutest Way to Add Sweetener to Your Tea

Your morning cup of tea is about to get a little more luxurious with this beehive honey jar.

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If you enjoy winding down at the end of the day with a hot cup of your favorite tea, you’re going to love this clever way to store your sweetener. This adorable beehive honey jar is a simple upgrade for a common household ingredient, making the whole tea-drinking experience that much more enjoyable.

In addition to sweetening a cup of tea, there are lots of other unexpected uses for honey, like burn ointment and allergy relief, that are worth checking out. Honey is also a smart sugar substitute to put a healthier twist on your favorite recipes.

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What is a beehive honey jar?

Why keep your honey, which is full of benefits, in a bear-shaped plastic squeeze bottle when you can store it in this gorgeous beehive-shaped jar? This elegant honey pot is made of heavy, durable, non-lead crystal glass and adorned with an intricate design on the bottom that features a little bee. Easily remove the top of the jar to access the dipper or refill your honey when it’s starting to run low. The thoughtful design makes it a nice presentation piece when hosting company—or for when you want to enjoy a cup of tea yourself.

How to Use a Beehive Honey Jar

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This beehive honey jar from Studio Silversmiths serves a dual purpose. On its own, it’s a beautiful decorative piece that is sure to look good in any kitchen set-up or coffee cart collection. But it’s also a functional honey jar that stores your favorite type of honey. Simply use the little dipper that’s included with the jar to add a touch of honey to your tea or favorite honey recipes.

If you typically squeeze honey from a bottle or scoop it out with a spoon, you’ll quickly learn why so many people prefer using a honey dipper. The cute honeycomb-shaped wooden wand keeps honey between the dipper’s crevices, preventing sticky messes from happening. Twirl the wand as you remove it from the honey jar, hold it over your cup, plate or bowl and let it drizzle in. Rotate the dipper horizontally from the jar to its final destination, and the honey won’t glob together or fall off.


A lot of people ask me if a honey dipper is just a cute want that looks like a beehive or if it actually serves a purpose..and let me tell you it’s the best way to collect honey. #honey #honeywand #savethebees #buymorehoney

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The Best Amazon User Reviews

This pretty honey jar has more than 5,500 five-star ratings on Amazon. Darcie Frisch, a five-star reviewer, writes, “I really enjoy my crystal honey jar. It is very detailed, heavy and of nice quality.”

Ken, who also left a five-star review for this item, shares, “I leave it on my kitchen island and get lots of comments. It’s really beautiful. My mother loved it so I surprised her when she got home with one waiting on the doorstep.”

Verified Amazon purchaser, Eve, bought seven of them as Christmas presents! “If you’re thinking of buying this, get it. Trust me, you won’t regret it,” she writes.

Where to Buy a Beehive Honey Jar

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Ready to trade in the old honey jar sitting in your pantry with this new one? You can snag a beehive honey jar for yourself (and a few as gifts for your friends) on Amazon for under $20 each.

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