5 Bath & Body Works Hacks That Are Truly Scent-Sational

Love Bath & Body Works? Learn these hacks before you stock up on Japanese Cherry Blossom!

From aromatherapy oils to the absolute best fall candles—shout out to the 3-wick Mahogany Teakwood candle, my nostalgic high school scent of choice—we love Bath & Body Works for an abundance of reasons.

If you’re a loyal B&BW customer, know that there are ways to shop and save all year long, plus some secret tips and tricks you didn’t know. Here are the top Bath & Body Works hacks for your next shopping spree. And don’t forget to check out the Valentine’s Day collection and Easter collection!

1. Sign Up for Bath & Body Works Rewards

This is a given, but in order to score the best deals from B&BW, register a My Bath & Body Works account. You’ll be able to keep an eye on all of your favorite products, and as your points and purchases build up—you earn one point for every $1 you spend—you get a free gift. With 75 points in your account, which is equivalent to $75 spent, you’ll be able to take home any item with a retail value of $16.50 or less.

But because earning 75 points might take some time, you also get a discount offer with the creation of your My Bath & Body Works account. Just for signing up to be a rewards member, you’ll receive a coupon giving you $10 off a $30 purchase—good for 30 days after it shows up in your inbox. Now that’s a steal.

2. Keep an Eye Out for These Sale Prices

Whether you’re shopping the Bath & Body Works seasonal sales or the Semi-Annual sale, you’re probably looking to get the best bang for your buck. If you’re trying to save as much as possible, hold off on buying a product until you see the prices below, which only show up about two or three times per year.

This pricing information from The Krazy Koupon Lady is a collection of B&BW sale data over the last two years:

  • 3-wick candles priced at $25.50 drop to $9.95
  • Body lotions priced at $13.50 drop to $3.25
  • Hand soaps priced at $8.50 drop to $3
  • Wallflower refills priced at $7.50 drop to $2.75
  • Pocketbac sanitizers priced at $1.95 drop to $1

Invest in food candles that smell almost good enough to eat.

3. Decode Your Products’ Expiration Dates

bottom of bath and body works bottle with expiration datevia thekrazycouponlady.com

Like food or cosmetic items, many of the products sold from B&BW have expiration dates. But before you start frantically turning over all the candles and Wallflowers in your house, it’s important to know exactly how to decode the letters and numbers.

First, know that you’re looking for a manufacturing date and not an expiration date. To locate this printed code, check the bottom of products like candles and containers, or on the ends of tubes. Not finding it? You may have to peel away price tags or sale stickers.

Once you find the printed manufacturing date code, check out the first number. This is the year that the product was made, so the numeral 8 would be 2018. The three digits that follow are the day of the year that it was made, so 252 would be the 252nd day of the year. Most unopened items from Bath & Body Works—lotions, candles, the like—have a three-year shelf life, so simply add three years to the manufacturing date, and you’ll have your expiration date.

4. Wrap Your Own Gifts In-Store

This tip is especially helpful around the holiday season, but if you’re picking up a gift, you can actually wrap it yourself. Some Bath & Body Works locations have a gift-wrapping station, where you can grab a cellophane bag and ribbon for $1. For stores that don’t have a station, just ask a store associate, and they should be able to get you the supplies.

Giving the gift of food instead of fragrance? Here are some creative food packaging ideas that are perfect for your homemade treats.

5. Use the Exchange Policy

Bath & Body Works has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed return and exchange policy. The official policy even says that customers can return anything, anytime, for any reason. So even if you’ve used some lotion, burned a candle or have an old product that you aren’t really into, you can make an exchange.

For full refunds, though, keep in mind that those need to be done within a 90-day window after the original purchase.

Hannah Twietmeyer
Hannah is a writer and content creator based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a passion for all things food, health, community and lifestyle. She is a journalism graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a previous dining and drink contributor for Madison Magazine.