Bath & Body Works Just Dropped Brand-New Christmas Items—Here’s a Sneak Peek

The Bath & Body Works Christmas collection never disappoints! Here's what to expect in stores.

Somehow, we’re already halfway through the month of October. That means Halloween is just around the corner, then Thanksgiving and finally, Christmas! I’m don’t like to rush the seasons, but I can’t help being excited for the holidays ahead. And it’s especially hard to be patient when places like Bath & Body Works release a sneak peek of a highly-anticipated Christmas line. The Bath & Body Works Christmas collection has arrived!

This season’s collection has classic scents like Fresh Balsam and Frosted Cranberry plus brand-new products. To save on your go-to fragrances and lotions, check out these scent-sational Bath & Body Works hacks.

What’s in the Bath & Body Works Christmas Collection for 2021?

First, we have to talk about the new Pure Wonder line. The items have a scent profile of iced rose, star jasmine and warm white amber—plus shimmery pink packaging. With such a stunning exterior, these new items are basically gift-wrapped already and will make great stocking stuffers.

The rest of the Christmas Preview Shop is filled with wallflower and car fragrances in iconic holiday scents—like Sugared Snickerdoodle, Winter Candy Apple and Vanilla Bean Noel. You can probably expect other products in these iconic Bath and Body Works aromas, like three-wick Christmas candles and creams, to show up closer to Christmas.

Bath And Body Works Cotton Candy Champagne UpdateCourtesy Bath And Body Works

When Can I Shop?

You can buy some of the products right now on the Bath & Body Works website. Just add to cart!

The full 2021 Christmas collection hasn’t been released yet, but don’t worry—there’s more to come. The page is titled The Christmas Preview Shop, so this is only a selection of the items that will be available in stores and online closer to the holidays.

If you want to focus on spooky season first, check out the Bath & Body Works Halloween collection.

Hannah Twietmeyer
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