How to Make a Super Cozy Baked Potato Dinner Board

Creative, shareable and totally delicious? Sounds like we'll be making baked potato boards on the regular!

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Just when you think people couldn’t get more creative with their charcuterie boards, somebody blows your mind with a hot dog charcuterie board, fruit charcuterie board, to-go jarcuterie “board” or even a “barkcuterie” board for all the beloved pups out there! There’s a reason we love these food boards so much—they’re delicious and adaptable to basically any kind of food. Dessert? You got it! Breakfast? Of course! The possibilities are truly limitless. (Except soup. You might want to stop at soup.)

So what’s next on the trendy charcuterie agenda? It’s time to break out the comfort food. A baked potato dinner board might just be the star at your next party.

How to Make a Baked Potato Board

First things first, everyone’s going to need a potato! The best part about this board is how simple (and spur-of-the-moment) it can really be. Whatever types of potatoes you have will work: russets, Yukon Golds, reds or sweet potatoes. And you can look to your fridge and pantry for the rest of the ingredients.

The most important part is baking the potatoes just right. Start with this baked potato recipe or take a cue from the Brits and try jacket potatoes. Whatever fits your fancy is the right way to go!

After your potatoes are wrapped and ready, grab a food board and load it up! You’ll definitely want to add ramekins of butter, cheddar cheese, sour cream, bacon and chives. Those are a given. But why not some roasted chicken, coleslaw or broccoli? We wouldn’t mind piling pulled pork on our potatoes, either! You could make it Tex-Mex with refried beans and salsa.

When we say the possibilities are endless, we mean it! And the greatest part? Nothing you add will ever be wrong…because you made it the way you wanted to!

Tools for Your Baked Potato Board

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