Baileys Red Velvet Liqueur Is the Boozy Sweet Treat You’ve Been Missing

Have your (cup)cake and drink it, too!

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Just when you thought the world may have run out of products to red velvet-ize—like protein powder, coffee creamer and lip balm, to name a few—Baileys has come to the rescue with its Red Velvet liqueur.

The liqueur company, famous for its Irish cream, recently released a limited-edition Baileys Red Velvet in collaboration with Georgetown Cupcake, a bakery you may remember from the TLC show DC Cupcakes.

It’s a match made in heaven, considering red velvet is Georgetown Cupcake’s best-selling flavor!

What Is It Like?

Even blindfolded, you could sniff out the distinct fragrance of freshly baked cupcakes and sweet, buttery frosting. It tastes as good as it smells, like liquid chocolate cake (spiked with booze, of course) and rich cream cheese icing, enhanced with a dash of cocoa powder.

But the real question: Is Baileys Red Velvet actually red?

Yes, indeed! In a clear glass, the creamy scarlet beverage almost resembles a thick strawberry shake.

How Can I Use It?

Baileys is practically synonymous with creamy Irish coffee, so it would be a no-brainer to make a cup with the Red Velvet liqueur. You could also use the Red Velvet in any recipe that calls for original Baileys. You can make a cheesecake with coffee and Irish cream, or a batch of Irish cream cupcakes. Why not add a few teaspoons to homemade cream cheese frosting, too?

We’re even tempted to tweak the recipe for a classic red velvet cake. Yum!

Where Can I Find It?

The 750mL bottle is roughly $23.99 and can be found on the shelf across the country. (It’s also easy to find on Drizly, if you prefer to have your spirits delivered.) Catch it while you can, since this is a limited edition and supplies are limited.

Bonus: if you happen to be near a Georgetown Cupcake bakery, you can stop in and sample a nonalcoholic Baileys Red Velvet cupcake. You can also order a dozen of the cupcakes online throughout November and December!

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