Baileys Is Selling Cupcake AND Brownie Mix That Tastes JUST Like the Real Thing

Preheat your ovens, because Baileys cupcakes (and brownies) are on the menu!

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We all love a bit of Baileys Irish Cream, don’t we? Whether it’s added to our coffee, hot chocolate or some of our favorite desserts, we seriously can’t get enough. The dark, bittersweet taste makes everything it touches that much more amazing. While it’s still on the boozy side, it’s not overwhelming and often brings a relaxing warmth from the inside out.

So, why not take that Irish joy and spread it even further? Baileys cupcake mix might just be the fix. And don’t worry, chocolate lovers—there’s a Baileys brownie mix, too.

It Tastes Just Like the Real Thing

Last year, Baileys Irish Cream Baking Chips filled us up during the holiday season. Not only did they add a dynamic new flavor to some good old-fashioned desserts, but they also tasted incredible. You’d have to be careful not to snack on them too much or the bag would disappear faster than you could say Baileys Irish Cream! But Baileys didn’t stop there.

Baileys has some new dessert mixes for us to try. They’ve added not only a Mocha Irish Creme Cupcake Mix, but also an Irish Cream Brownie Mix as well, and both are picture-perfect for tonight’s dessert. Here’s a sneak peek of your new favorite dessert mixes, courtesy of @SnackGator on Instagram.

The packaging alone makes me nostalgic for a beautiful winter snowfall and totally makes me want to hang my Christmas lights early. While the Baileys baking chips do not include any booze, these desserts are a bit different. You’ll bake these desserts as you would any regular cupcake or brownie mix, except…you add some Baileys! Of course, you probably saw that coming, right?

A sweet, fluffy dessert version of that classic Irish cream? It’s almost too good to be true!

Where to Find Baileys Cupcake Mix

Both the mocha Irish cream cupcake mix and the Irish cream brownie mix are available at World Market (online or in-store) for just over $5 each. Honestly, it’s totally worth it when you realize you get to treat yourself to such a tasty new dessert. Be careful not to eat the whole batch at once!

These Desserts Deserve a Douse of Baileys
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