This Brand-New Bacardi Tropical Is Everything You Need for Summer

Bacardi Tropical is a limited-edition rum made with pineapple, coconut and guava flavors. It gets better with every sip!

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Who doesn’t love a good cocktail in the summer? Whether it’s a fresh margarita or a from-scratch mojito that’s made to knock your socks off, you’re bound to have a good time! Not surprisingly, we’re always on the lookout for the next summer sipper to get our hands on ASAP.

Now, we’ve got our eye on the new limited-edition Bacardi Tropical. It’s got a blend of seasonal flavors that can’t be beat, and we can’t wait to make mixed drinks with it all summer long.

So, What’s in Bacardi Tropical?

This particular flavor of Bacardi consists of a white rum base with mixed notes of coconut, pineapple and sweet guava. It’s got everything that’s to make your cocktails the talk of the tiki party! This particular rum was made for mixing (it even says so on the bright green and yellow label). It would go perfectly in this Guava Coconut Rum cocktail, don’t you think? Don’t forget the Pineapple Punch, either!

Each bottle of Bacardi Tropical is gluten-free, has only 100 calories per 1-1/2 ounces, features no artificial sweeteners and has a 35 ABV%. You can enjoy your drinks without any guilt, all summer long. Serve some tropical mai tais alongside a fruit charcuterie board for the best pool party of 2021!

Where Can I Get a Bottle?

Bacardi Tropical is a limited-edition flavor for the summer season and is only available at select retail locations. Check your local liquor stores for a bottle or hop onto Drizly or Total Wine to grab a 750 mL bottle for around $14. This rum won’t be around forever (sad face), so make sure to snag a bottle as soon as you spot one. Because who doesn’t want to be sipping on something tropical right about now?

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