How to Make an Avocado Hair Mask

Want silky, smooth, shiny hair without a trip to the salon? Say hello to this avocado hair mask!

Using a DIY avocado hair mask is one great way to get your locks silky and smooth. (Did you know olive oil works wonders for your hair, too?) The fats and nutrients found in avocados can help strengthen and nourish your strands, boost shine and stimulate hair growth. Yup—the avocado is your healthy hair superhero!

This mess-free mask is so simple to whip up, you can make it a part of your regular beauty routine whenever your locks need a little love. The best part about it is that you probably already have everything you need for this nourishing hair mask in your kitchen. No need for a blender, mixer or any fancy equipment; all you need is a fork, bowl, rubber spatula and about an hour of downtime. (Basically, an episode of your favorite Netflix series!)

What Do Avocados Do for Your Hair?

Avocados deeply condition your hair. The DIY recipe below uses one whole avocado, plus a teaspoon of olive oil to really amp up the shine, a touch of honey help soothe your scalp and almond milk to help strengthen, reduce breakage and give the mask a creamy texture. This beauty-boosting hair treatment is a fantastic way to get salon results without breaking the bank.

Ready say goodbye to dry, dull hair, frizz and fly-aways? It’s high time to shine so let’s get started!

How to Make an Avocado Hair Mask

Avocado Hair MaskTaste of Home

For best results, make sure your hair is dry, gently combed through, free of product or tangles.

What You Need:

Step 1: Mix & Mash

Scoop out avocado into a bowl, add the olive oil and mash it up with a fork. Keep mashing until it reaches a paste-like texture. Add the honey and almond milk and continue to mix and mash until well combined.

Step 2: Smooth & Fluff

Just the way you would smooth out the lumps in batter, press the rubber spatula against the sides and bottom of the bowl to really get your hair mask a thick but creamy consistency. Lift and spread the mixture, fluff it up and have fun with it.

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Step 3: Section & Slather

Section your hair in quarters and apply hair mask in sections using the same spatula, starting from your scalp and working your way down, paying special attention to saturating and massaging the ends of your hair. Do this until all your hair is covered and the mixture is all on.

Step 4: Cap & Chill

If you have a plastic shower cap, you can pile your hair on top of your head and put on the cap or you can simply wrap your hair in a towel. The idea is to trap some heat. If sitting in the sun is an option, go for it! If it’s too chilly, warming up the towel in your dryer before wrapping your hair will do the trick. You want to give the mask time to work its magic, so keep the mask on for about an hour. If you have more time, (two Netflix series episodes?)…even better! Find a good food documentary to watch while you beautify.

Step 5: Shampoo & Condition

Now it’s time to rinse, shampoo and repeat. Step into the shower and rinse until the water runs clear before you shampoo. Be careful at first that you don’t slip, the mixture once rinsed can make your shower bottom a bit slippery. It might take two shampoos to ensure all of the avocado is out. Condition as regular. Dry and style your hair and marvel at the results!

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