Applebee’s Is Serving Huge Holiday Cocktails Right Now for Only $5

The latest Applebee's holiday cocktails will make spirits bright!

Applebee’s might be best known for its quesadilla burger or irresistible beer cheese dip. But some of the best deals to be found at this neighborhood grill are the incredible drink specials!

Just last month, Applebee’s rolled out spooky $5 Halloween cocktails. Now we’re seeing brand-new Applebee’s holiday cocktails that are sure to sweeten up the season.

What Are the Applebee’s Holiday Cocktails?

This $5 promotion is called “Sleigh Bell Sips,” and as if that’s not cute enough, the drinks will certainly make your spirits bright. This deal features two new seasonal drinks, Reindeer Punch and the Berry Merry Colada.

Reindeer Punch is a combination of Smirnoff Vodka and Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, so it’s like a Cape Codder, but with a hit of cherry juice to punch up the sweet and sour notes.

The Berry Merry Colada is a twist on the classic tropical piña colada, made with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Midori for an unexpected taste of melon. The frozen drink gets taken to the next level with a bright strawberry swirl.

Best of all, these Applebee’s cocktails are served in “Mucho” glasses, which is code for pretty big!

How Long Will They Be Available?

The Sleigh Bell Sips are a limited time offer, like most of the Applebee’s specials, but the chain hasn’t announced an official end date. It’s safe to assume that these cheerful cocktails will be offered through the end of the year, though.

At select locations, you can even get these drinks to go! Sounds like the perfect holiday beverages for hanging out at home while watching the Christmas lineup on Netflix or on Hallmark. We’ll toast to that!

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