Applebee’s Is Serving Two Spooky Halloween Cocktails Right Now for Only $5

Applebee's is ready to put the boo! in boozy.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Applebee’s? It could be the legendary beer cheese dip or even a delicious quesadilla burger. But the greatest thing Applebee’s has to offer is their incredible drink deals!

Now, for Halloween, there’s something spooky in store. I’m already in love!

What Are the Applebee’s Halloween Drinks?

The Halloween-themed adult beverages incorporate fresh twists on some old classics. We love this kind of creativity when it comes to our drinks, right?

The first cocktail is the Tipsy Zombie, which I find quite aptly named. You’ll find this bright, colorful tropical drink composed of Bacardi Superior and muskmelon Midori, and topped with a cute little gummy brain. Much like the original zombie cocktail, it’s all about that rum and fruit. Even the living dead couldn’t resist this jumbo cocktail!

Next up is Dracula’s Juice. While we recognize the famous Vamp for his love of bloodsucking, I think even he’d have a difficult time ignoring this drink. This one’s frozen, as opposed to the Tipsy Zombie, and includes Bacardi Superior, Patrón Tequila, wildberry and margarita mix. The wildberry is a perfect compliment to the Tequila and margarita mix, and it may just become your new favorite frozen boozy beverage. What creature, sharp-fanged or not, could overlook such a delicious, fruity marg?

How Long Will They Be Available?

Applebee’s Halloween drinks will be available at the restaurant now through October 31, so don’t dilly-dally! The drinks are only $5 per, and you know you’re getting a great deal when they’re being served in “Mucho” glasses. At select locations, you can even get these drinks to go! What’s better than relaxing for a scary movie night with a delicious Halloween sipper?

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