We Tried the New Apple Pie Oreo Flavor, and Here’s What You Need to Know

Are these Oreos tastier than a slice of fresh homemade apple pie? Find out here!

Package of apple pie flavored Oreos with a hand holding a single cookiePhoto: Taste of Home
Photo: Taste of Home

When the chilled breeze of fall starts blowing, nothing tastes better than a comfy, cozy baked treat like cinnamon rolls, molasses cookies or, of course, apple pie. Oreo’s latest flavor creation tries to channel the sensations of fresh fall baking with an apple-pie-and-graham cookie. Since apple pie is one of my favorite desserts all year round, I knew I had to try them when I saw the package at the grocery store. Here’s what you need to know:

The First Impression

For this specialty flavor, Oreo’s classic dual-blue packaging is adorned with a large slice of apple pie bursting with layers of apple slices, as well as a state fair-inspired red ribbon indicating that the cookie is graham flavored. From the packaging, I anticipated that the Oreo would bring all the fruit and cinnamon-sugar flavor that I’d expect from a slice of apple pie, plus an extra boost of sweetness from the graham cookie.

When I opened the package, I was instantly hit with a strong aroma of sweetened graham cracker—but no scent of apple, cinnamon or nutmeg came through. As someone who loves to snack on graham crackers, I didn’t mind the amount of graham I was detecting, but I was a little worried that the taste of fresh-baked apples wouldn’t come across when I took a bite.

When it comes to color, the cookies and filling of Apple Pie Oreos are almost the same lightly freckled tan, making the cream look more like peanut butter than apple. Since traditional apple pies tend to be a range of caramelized browns and tans, though, an all-tan Oreo wasn’t too surprising.

Apple Pie Oreo PackagingPhoto: Taste of Home
Photo: Taste of Home

The Taste Test

For a cookie that smells just like a graham cracker, it tastes so much like an apple. With my first bite, I was hit with a sweet, bright apple flavor that, the longer I munched, became more like a green apple than a warm apple pie. Then hints of graham and cinnamon finished off the bite. Since this cookie was about the same consistency as a regular Double Stuf Oreo, the sweet apple-flavored cream filling came off really strong and almost overwhelmed the cinnamon and graham cookies.

To determine just how sweet this cookie’s cream is, I tried a split test. Without the graham-flavored cookie to balance it out, the cream was super sweet, almost to the point that I couldn’t eat it on its own. The filling has an amazingly smooth and silky texture, but it lacked in cinnamon and nutmeg flavoring, leaving green apple the only real taste. The cookie, on the other hand, tasted incredible on its own—almost like a denser, slightly sweeter graham cracker. The cookies brought the warm and cozy feeling of a freshly made pie much more than the filling did.

The Final Verdict

These Apple Pie Oreos are a fun and sweet take on fall baking that kids would love to find in their lunch boxes or have as an after-dinner treat. As for a substitute for real apple pie, though, I’d stick to a fresh-baked recipe that really packs a cozy punch.

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