This Is How to Order an Apple Pie McFlurry from McDonald’s

It turns out McDonald's has a secret menu!

Life would be so much better if we could enjoy McDonald’s every day with no consequences. I’d order McNuggets, shakes and addictive fries all day, every day if I could. Now it’s time to add the Apple Pie McFlurry to that prestigious list.

Roll the recipe!

How to Order an Apple Pie McFlurry

So, this concoction is not exactly on the McDonald’s menu. While McDonald’s has done some crazy renditions of this signature ice cream treat in the past (like the Doughnut Ball McFlurry), this one isn’t official. But, we’ve still got the scoop on how to enjoy it on your next visit.

It’s simple. Order a McFlurry (plain vanilla will work best) with hot caramel on top and two separate apple pies. Once you have all the components, all you need to do is rip apart the pies and smash them into your McFlurry!

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Warming your apple pies up would make for an even better dessert experience—trust me. Apple pies are a signature for fall, so we know you’ll want to hop on this hack ASAP.

TikTok user @kateholderness from the UK shared this delicious how-to with us. Thanks, Kate!

What’s on the McDonald’s Secret Menu?

The Apple Pie McFlurry helped us discover so many more McDonald’s secret menu items. People who love the Big Mac really love the Big Mac. With its two beef patties and secret sauce, it’s hard not to fall in love with this sandwich. That’s why some have started ordering the “Monster Mac,” which is a regular Big Mac with even more beef patties than before.

And for those who love breakfast, might we suggest the Chicken McGriddle? It’s exactly as it sounds: a crispy chicken patty stuck between two sweet McGriddle buns. It’s a fast-food take on chicken and waffles that’s bound to have you coming back for more. Really makes you miss all-day breakfast, huh?

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