People Are Making Apple Cider Mimosas for Fall—Here’s the Simple Recipe

This apple cider mimosa is perfect for an autumn brunch.

The social media app TikTok has been a great source for all kinds of food-related trends during the pandemic. Earlier in 2020, we learned how to make whipped coffee, three-ingredient creme brulee and the famous TikTok breakfast sandwich.

Now, we’ve discovered the best drink for autumn: apple cider mimosas!

How Do You Make an Apple Cider Mimosa?

The classic mimosa is a blend of orange juice and champagne, but for fall, pick up fresh apple cider instead of OJ. The basic recipe starts by dipping the rim of a glass in melted caramel, then coating that caramel rim in sugar.

For the next step, pour 1 part sparkling wine and 1 part apple cider or into the glass. That’s it! You can watch the original TikTok video for a step-by-step tutorial:

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Can I Change This Recipe?

Absolutely—this recipe is ripe for experimentation. You could add a personal touch with a splash of flavored vodka, like Absolut Apple or Pinnacle Salted Caramel Vodka.

You could also get creative with the sugared rim. We bet maple sugar or Cinnadust would work well here, as would a cinnamon rock candy swizzle stick.

If you happen to have a bottle of the good stuff laying around, save the real champagne for making toasts and use prosecco, cava or other sparkling wine for mixed drinks. Here are the best sparkling wines for bubbly on a budget, according to a sommelier.

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