Andes Creme De Menthe Baking Chips Are What Your Cookies Have Been Missing

Trust us! You'll want to mix Andes baking chips into your next batch of baked goods for a refreshing treat.

You know, some flavor combinations are simply mint to be. The cool mint and creamy milk chocolate of Andes after-dinner mints is the peak of perfection. Andes creme de menthe baking chips pack all that fresh flavor into a tiny package, which absolutely transforms your baking!

The Andes baking chips resemble a tiny, adorable version of the classic rectangular Andes mints. Like the iconic after-dinner treat, the baking chips have a smooth layer of green mint between two layers of rich chocolate. It’s irresistible! Seriously, there’s a reason that mint chocolate is one of America’s favorite flavors. The mint is refreshing, while chocolate is relaxing, warming and comforting. Together, the two flavors create a sense of bliss. It’s safe to say we’ll be ordering this shipment of 12 bags from Amazon.

Where to Find the Andes Baking Chips

Here’s the problem. The Andes baking chips are a seasonal item. But it’s definitely worth the hunt for bakers. You can grab a 10-oz. bag at Walmart for $3 or order them on Amazon starting around $5. per bag We’ve also heard that the Andes baking chips can be found at Aldi.

Psst… Tell us you heard about the return of Bailey’s Irish cream baking chips, too!

This Is What to Bake First

Andes baking chips magically transform cookies, brownies and other baked goods into a refreshing treat full of mint chocolate flavor. We highly recommend baking them into chocolate mint brownies or a batch of double chocolate cookies.

You can also get clever and:

Don’t forget to stock up on the Andes baking chips when you see ’em! (You might want to send us a bag, too.)

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