This Restaurant in Amsterdam Put Each Table in Its Own Greenhouse for Social Distancing

We'd love to order dinner for two in a mini greenhouse!

You don’t have to miss out on your fast-food favorites, thanks to pickup and delivery. You can even get your fill of all things Olive Garden and Cheesecake Factory in your own kitchen with their nifty online cookbooks. Still, there’s nothing quite like going out for dinner on a weekend.

The Netherlands is upping the ante on dining out. Now, an Amsterdam restaurant is serving up all your favorite dishes almost face-to-face. You’ll get to sit in your own greenhouse and dine out while social distancing.

Amsterdam Is Changing How We Dine Out

Imagine spending the evening at Mediamatic ETEN, the restaurant that serves your meal with a greenhouse and a waterfront view. The greenhouses are meant to get diners out of their homes and at the dinner table, while also maintaining social distancing etiquette. Servers are also covering up, wearing gloves and face shields to prevent as much contact as possible.

On top of protective gear, servers will be bringing out meals on a wooden board so they don’t get too close to diners during mealtime. The menu will eventually consist of entirely plant-based dinner items, too.

Here’s how to safely order takeout right now.

We’ve Got All the Deets

The greenhouses, affectionately dubbed serres séparée, come with a 4-course meal costing around $108. While eating in a greenhouse at Mediamtic ETEN isn’t a thing just yet, Amsterdam plans to open the restaurant for real by June 1. The greenhouses require a dinner reservation, and right now, all of the tables are completely sold out.

Right now, there’s no telling if this inventive method of dining will makes its way across the pond to the United States. But we’re hungry to put our reservation in for a greenhouse dinner!

Laurie Dixon
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