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America Just Named Its Top Grocery Store. Did Your Favorite Rank #1?

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Based on the overall shopping experience, this store ended up taking the cake!

We all know shopping at a grocery store isn’t just about running errands—it’s all about the experience. From engaging with the brand to enjoying the shopping experience, every detail matters. Which inevitably means some grocery stores are favored over others.

In a survey of over 12,800 US customers, Market Force Information was able to pull rankings for the top grocery stores in America. These grocery stores were determined based on satisfaction of their most recent shopping trip and the likelihood they’d recommend the store to a friend.

So…who took the cake? Drumroll, please! Customers rated Wegmans as the best grocery store in America. This is the third consecutive year that the store has taken the top spot in the study. (Unfamiliar with the grocery store? Here’s what you’re missing out on.)

Wegmans scored 77 percent on Market Force’s Composite Loyalty Index, narrowly edging ahead of Publix Super Markets. Comparatively, Trader Joe’s scored 75 percent. Closely following behind is ALDI with 70 percent, and H-E-B with 69 percent.

It’s not just the customers who love the store—but the employees, too. Wegman routinely snags top spots on  Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Although this company is seen as the top dog in the grocery store business, each store had it’s own positive qualities. Out of the group studied, Publix was ranked the cleanest and Trader Joe’s had the speediest checkout lanes. Aldi was heralded for it’s low, low prices (here are a few best-value items you should always buy there), and ShopRite had the best sales and promotions.

Here’s the full list of top grocery stores ranked by Market Force Information:

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