I Tried an Amaranth Vase, the Vase Designed to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Updated: Aug. 23, 2023

Spoiler alert: my fresh blooms lasted several days longer than usual with almost no extra effort, thanks to the Amaranth vase.

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I love a pretty tabletop, which is why I buy fresh flowers every Friday as a sort of celebration for getting through the week. However, I am typically let down by the following Tuesday when my weekend bouquet inevitably starts to look droopy and sad. That’s exactly why I decided to give the bestselling Amaranth Vase a try. It’s a vase that is specifically designed to help keep flowers fresh—and guess what? Now most of my bouquets last well beyond a week.

What is the Amaranth Vase?

The Amaranth Vase is a genius upgrade from ordinary vases that require frequent spilling-and-refilling of water. Changing my bouquet’s water every few days is an annoying chore I haven’t usually enjoyed, and life is just too busy to repeat the messy task every few days. It’s the easy draining feature that makes the Amaranth so smart. All you have to do is twist the vase at its midsection to almost effortlessly drain the old water out.

Fresher water means less bacteria getting into the stems, which helps keep bouquets from decaying sooner than they should. That means gorgeous Easter flowers, fall centerpieces and even your favorite flower subscription can last for up to twice the normal amount of time.

The best part? Once you twist off the Amaranth Vase’s lower portion it makes trimming the stems easier than ever. Believe it or not, one of the most important flower arranging tips is to trim the stems of your flowers about every three days to clear the way for better water absorption. If you live in a busy household, this vase gives you the most bang for your buck as the Amaranth’s smart twisting body helps preserve bouquets for longer and with less effort.

How I Tested It

Amaranth VaseBryce Gruber For Taste Of Home

I bought the same grocery store flowers I normally do to give the Amaranth Vase a proper test. I figured if it could make my affordable bouquets last longer, it would be great for special occasion flowers, too. After all, I love the vase’s design but I really love the promise of saving effort and money over the long haul.

I tried both the large and small vase sizes to get a feel for how they work and found that both sizes were equally simple to operate. I also made sure I didn’t change any of the variables compared when I put flowers in my old ho-hum clear glass vase. I didn’t put any chemical additives in the water or change the position on my table—I kept the conditions exactly the way I always had them in an effort to somewhat scientifically assess if the Amaranth was as good as it promised to be.

While testing I couldn’t help but notice that the plastic and marble construction is so display-worthy and modern that it almost rivals the beauty of even the nicest flowers. Truly, it’s countertop jewelry that feels more like it belongs in an expensive art gallery than my dining room that’s overflowing with small children and budget-friendly finds.

The twisting midsection function is a breeze to use for even those with strength and agility issues. At one point, I had my nine-year-old daughter drain our bouquet and she proudly reported that it was, “easy and fun.” The best part? Unwrapping the package results in little more than opening a box—there’s no tricky assembly and you really don’t need to scour complicated instructions to make the vase work. Just fill it with water, place the fresh flowers in, and you’re good to go until you decide it’s time to refresh the water and trim stems.

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Amaranth Vase Product Features

 Amaranth VaseBryce Gruber For Taste Of Home

The beautiful Amaranth Vase comes in five different colors including a classic bright white, a soft blush-toned pink, classic gray and a a fresh minty green to complement most home decor. You can choose from a small size that is about 7.5-inches tall and holds roughly a handful of stems, or a large 10-inch size that is perfectly proportioned for at least a dozen or more roses. Both sizes are lightweight and easy to hold with one hand while the other goes to work trimming and refilling.

The best feature is hidden from the naked eye, though, and relies on a simple twist of the wrist to release the vase’s lower portion. Once it’s opened, old and murky water can be neatly drained out into your sink and stems trimmed thanks to a sort of peekaboo-style bottom. When you’re done trimming, simply twist the bottom back up, refill and carry on with life until you’re ready to repeat the process!


  • It does what it promises, offering added lifespan to cut blooms
  • It’s incredibly easy to use and requires absolutely no tech-savvy know-how or special equipment
  • Relatively affordable compared to other brand name vases
  • Shatter-resistant plastic and marble composition
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Modern, fresh colors


  • It only comes in two sizes, and the large size is only big enough for 12 to 18 roses
  • We’d love to see if offered in an even wider range of colors including beiges and rich forest tones


 Amaranth VaseBryce Gruber For Taste Of Home

How do you fill the vase?

Filling the Amaranth Vase is as easy as your old traditional vase—just pour water in through the neck. Only the draining mechanism is different.

Can you wash an Amaranth Vase in the dishwasher?

No, this vase should not be washed in a dishwasher. It can easily be hand washed with light soap and warm water.

Is the Amaranth Vase shatterproof?

It’s definitely a safer choice than a glass vase, but the plastic and marble composition of the Amaranth can still crack or break if dropped or impacted, although it definitely stands up to being handled by children and being knocked over in the sink. We know from personal experience.

What Other Reviewers and Experts Had to Say

“This is perfect for flower lovers who like to clip the ends of their flowers every three days and change the water,” says verified Amazon purchaser, Linda Sipple. “So easy with this design. Very clever and useful.”

Eliezer Labkowsky, another verified Amazon purchaser who gave the Amaranth a full five-star rating says it’s the, “Most genius vase. The flowers last so much longer because you can change the water and snip the stems to keep bacteria from growing and killing your flowers. It’s also beautiful as a vase itself, super modern and chic. We love it.”

Product Comparison

Amaranth VaseBryce Gruber For Taste Of Home

Believe it or not, the Amaranth Vase is truly unique and stands alone in the market in terms of design and engineering. There are lots of unique vases and affordable flower-holding vessels out there, but none offer the same quality lower-twisting mechanism. The few knock-off versions of the Amaranth on Amazon are riddled with disappointed reviews, which is why sticking to the original product is definitely your best bet. (Discover how to pick the best vase shape for your flower arrangement.)

Final Verdict

Can we be candid for a moment? Okay, good. You’re going to be as obsessed with the Amaranth Vase as I am for the effort, energy, time and money it saves. The elegant design is just the cherry on top. We’d probably buy it just for how cute it looks on a table or countertop, but the function of this vase simply can’t be beaten. It also makes one of the most thoughtful hostess gifts. But if you want to talk dollars and cents, the vase extended the life of my flowers by roughly 50 percent. That means I can cut back on buying about one bouquet a month, which isn’t loads of cash—but the vase more than pays for itself after a few months.

Where to Buy the Amaranth Vase

Amaranth Vase via merchant

You can buy your own Amaranth Vase from Amazon, where the small size retails for about $40 and a large size goes for just under $50. You definitely want to add one to your cart quickly though, as popular colors may sell out quickly as spring flowers bloom.

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